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Thread: How often do you get UTI's and what is the meaning of no gas

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    How often do you get UTI's and what is the meaning of no gas

    Quote Originally Posted by spidergirl
    I just can't deal with the UTI's anymore. They have substantially taken a toll on me. I work everyday and it's very uncomfortable to have to wear some sort of serentity pad or whatever so I don't pee all over people's couch's in the studio. And not to mention I have to wear clothes that go over my jeans or pants somewhat. ( actually this is a fad right now so that's a plus) It's just so ridiculous. Maybe we can get BBS back again at the very least. Is it weird that I haven't passed gas since my injury? Is that bad? Someone told me my cord was severed because of that and I have clearly seen my MRI's several times to know I have a contusion.

    I thought that this subject would be better dealt with in the Care Forum.

    In my opinion, urinary tract infections should not be occurring with the proper technique and care. I know that for many people with spinal cord injury, one or even more urinary tract infections is common and they accept it as part of their life in spinal cord injury. However, I would like find out how true this is and how many people with spinal cord injury get UTI's yearly or even more often.

    Yes, it is true many women now wear dresses over jeans. I guess that it was heading that way when jeans became so tight that they were just like tights. Actually, I think that most women look surprisingly good with a dress over a pair of jeans. In any case, I think that you would look great.

    Regarding not being able to pass gas, do you really want to know? I have learned to ask because my kids were reluctant to ask me questions when they were younger. I always explained more to them than they really wanted to know. So, do you really want to know why people with spinal cord injury cannot pass gas? It is very interesting but then I don't know how many people would agree with me.

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