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Thread: spasms, masturbation, and vomiting

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    Best endorphin-releaser I ever found: skydiving. I guarantee it's better than puking! Of course that's not something you can do every day . . . How long do your spasms leave you alone after the endorphin release?

    I agree with KLD about the exercise: Just about any heavy workout should release some endorphins. I lift weights/ handcycle/ swim/ whatever regularly, and it seems to help (but not cure) my spasms.

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    The title of this topic sounds like a rock video!

    Massage and stretching are the therapies that fit your narrow allowable parameters and also seem to generate endorphins. I wish I could afford a full-time massage therapist. It really helps me.

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    Busk...I take 0.2 mg of Clonidine for spazzes. It's a drug for high blood pressure but it works mahvoluslee on spasms. Start on 0.1mg first...0.2 kinda knocks ya out...especially with a puff or 2. I only take at night but my spazzes are only bad when trying to sleep


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    Hi Buckwheat -
    I'm sorry about your situation. I have a completely out of the box suggestion that worked for a totally unrelated problem.

    I'm an AB runner. When training for a marathon I was having regular leg cramps at night. The type where you stretch out your leg and your calf muscles curl up like a cheap window shade.

    I was stretching every day, everyone told me I needed more potassium. I ate enough bananas to be considered a primate, but still regular cramps.

    Finally spoke with a runner who suggested Tonic Water (not with gin BTW) but for the quinine. I put a bottom on the nightstand and if I felt the pre-cramp tug or the actual cramp I would swig down a couple of gulps. Doesn't matter if it's flat or carbonated.

    This has worked great for me. As I mentioned, the problem and cause are completly different, but hey, a bottle is as a few bucks and a couple of swallows isn't going to hurt you.

    Take the suggestion for what it's worth. Take my hope and prayers that you find some relief to heart.

    Very best!

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    Kev, I'm glad that severing your cord worked for you, but I don't recomend it to everyone. I am a T-2, eight months post injury. My cord was severed from t-3 through t-6. I still have major spasms from my level of injury down. I suggest putting up with the spasms now rather than diminishing the chance of recovery down the road.

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    SCUBA diving, Swimming or just being in the water used to take mine away completely... for a day or two.

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    thanks again for the suggestions, everyone.

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    Originally posted by buckwheat:

    Why not? Just curious

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    The FES bike works good for getting rid of mine, If I ride in the Mourning, I am spasm free for the day.

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    thats crazy i never heard nothing like this

    Dude, smoke a little herb, or eat it in some browni mix. it will cure your spasams and you will be feeling so good u wont have to vomit.


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