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Thread: Stomach issues again...

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    I really appreciate your comment. I feel better. I was researching and sepsis it is caused by a gram negative bacteria and I remember the nurse saying that my bacteria was gram positive. I remember learning about this in biology but it's still a bit fuzzy. Anyways, thanks. I think I am going to opt for a short hospital visit just to quickly get rid of the worry without waiting around.
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    Talked to the nurse and she said I need to finish the 10 days of Amox and we'll go from there if I need to go to the hospital. She said if I run fever (101-105) go to the ER. What constitutes fever for a quad? My norm is 96-97. I'm still scared but not as. I'm so sick to my stomach; I suppose Mylanta helps.
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    Just make sure to get that gallbladder checked ASAP! I had gallstones at age 23... and that was before my accident. I wasn't overweight or did not have any of the "risk" factors at all. Just started with severe stomache pain and vomiting. The second time it happened I went to the ER and an ultrasound showed lots of tiny stones in there. They took it out a couple days later and I spent one night in the hospital. I know they did blood work on you, but insist on an ultrasound for your own peace of mind too. If it comes back that your gallbladder is fine, then wonderful... but at least you will have ruled it out! Best of luck

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    Sorry, one more little piece of advice from a fellow health "worrier"... don't search the internet too much for information on your health problems. Of course a little bit to inform yourself is OK, but rely on your health professionals for the most part if you have a tendency to sit for hours researching symptoms. I was doing that and making myself crazy (well... crazier than I already am LOL).

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    I had an ultrasound Mon. and the results came back negative, everything's fine. I have an upper GI to do tomorrow. I think it's this UTI making me sick. I hope my antibiotics kick in soon. Maybe some acidophylous would help. Why wouldn't a bacteria that is sensitive to a certain antibiotic not be killed?

    I'm turning 21 Tues. If I'm feeling better can I have a drink or two when I'm on the Amox?
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    I guess that it's good news that your results are negative. Hope the Upper GI wasn't too bad!
    SOme bacteria are stronger than others and take a little longer to respond to the ab -
    Since it's your birthday, I would think that one drink wouldn't hurt. (Probably two wouldn't either, but don't push it.) Make sure that you are well hydrated before you have a drink and that you drink lots of water afterwards. Getting dehydrated can only make this worse.
    Happy early birthday!

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    Yes Marie, Happy Early B-day! I think the nurse has some good advice about some bacteria being more stubborn about giving way to antibioitic therapy. I just got off a five week course of Cefzil 500mg twice a day, which is a hefty dose... all that to kill a massive sinus infection. I swore they weren't working, but it wasn't until the very end of the five week course that I noticed they were working. I'm about 80% better. Some mild headaches left, but the antibiotics DID finally work. I guess the bacteria was just being stubborn. Don't give up just yet

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    What the he**?

    After the Amox I had a urine sample done and nada. It didn't kill it. I went into the hospital and stayed for four days on IV antibiotics and felt great for a few days after. My spasms calmed down after some antibiotics in the hospital but after I got out they have slowly gotten worse and are now back to where they were before I went in the hospital. I sweat when I have a UTI during my bowel program and while in hospital I did not; I am sweating again now. I have felt good up till the day before yesterday when I started to get nauseated after I eat/drink. My stomach was really upset last night and this afternoon. When I'm on antibiotics my stomach feels fine. I am now also getting almost chills- slight chills that build up to almost a chill but not- not typical. The urine sample taken while in the hospital was contaminated but after four days I went home after my urologist said my urine looked good. I didn't want to stay another three days, maybe mistake.

    My urologist told me that not every bacteria should be treated even if culture is positive, only with fever/chills. He said we can chase bacteria around for a while. This concerns me because after 3 1/2 years post injury I have never ran a fever. The symptoms above are what I have. They have appeared and increased after antibiotics over the past couple months. Maybe something else is wrong, but would antibiotics effect my symptoms if I didn't have a bacterial infection or only if I did? I drink at least two liters of water a day and my urine is somewhat clear except for the floating sediment, but I feel like I have a UTI again.

    I got out of the hospital Saturday and am seeing my urologist yet again on Monday for followup. What do I say? "I think I have another...UTI. Would you take another culture which I know will come back positive, and treat me for a bacteria which should or should not be treated?"

    It's not going away whatever it is and my stomach gets upset bad, my spasms get worse, and my little chills don't go away unless antibiotics attack them. I have not let them go on more than about two weeks but I could wait till they get really bad but I don't want to be at death's door before my body gives me a full blown fever. Please help me. Any suggestions or advice. Thanks.
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    I have a lot of respect for my urologist because he has been really good to me. He is against proflilactics but is open to try. Is anyone on them? What is it/ are there that works?
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    Hi Marie,
    Yea, the unknown sucks. In 2002 I had so many tests trying to track down the cause of lower left stomach pain I about gave up. I even had a laporatomy to see if other tests missed anything because of a swell family medical history.. But that is how they diagnose IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It is an absence of other causes. Having said all that, have you seen a gynocologist during any of this? Even if you're not pregnant something could be off "down below" and causing referred pain elsewhere like your stomach. Besides, regular gyn care is a good idea at all ages.

    And I hear you on when is a fever a fever in quads. I woke up last September with a fever of 105. Felt tired but ok for about a week before then. Called 911 and I'm not a worrier. After follow ups from 5 days in the local hospital (and NOT septic) I asked my doc about how high is high for us? He just shrugged. I figure go when the fever causes chills if you don't get chills without a fever. This works for me because at 100.5 I get chills and it hurts. They go away as my fever goes past 102. If you get chills with our normally basement level temperatures then my cut off line doesn't work for you. I'd suggest if you have pain, vomiting or feel like it (I have only barfed once since my SCI in 1992 and wonder if that is impaired too), and are running a steady 1.5F above your normal for this time of year I'd go the ER. At 102 I'd call 911 so you don't spend forever sitting in the waiting room with no pressure reliefs. This, of course, all depends on your insurance. You may want to call before calling 911.

    As for the uti and IV, I did 3 days inpatient and then went home where a home health nurse delivered 3 more days worth of twice a day IV little balls for my refrigerator and taught me and my husband how to use them. That was for a oral antibiotic resistant uti where my fever never went above 101. Infections and anitbiotics are ranked as resistant, possibly resistant (the RNs will now the right words) and works for that bug. Sounds like you had a bug that had a list of possible antibiotics to kill it that included one oral the amox and probably several IV types. Most docs, and insurance companies, will chose the oral first. So would I since IV antibiotics tend to give me C. Diff. Anyhoo....besides what you are doing and if you see the doc for another culture maybe get a blood test to see if anything like a higher than normal white count shows up. Oh, and I hate the burning feeling I get in my legs from this but at the first sign of a uti like spasms and painful bladder I take a 500mg Vitamin C and drink even more water. That almost always clears up stuff now. I know a lot will say they take 1 or 2 grams of Vitamin C but with me that would have me on the john for hours... We're all a bit different. No, I am a moderator not a nurse or doctor. My major was in political science. :-)
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

    Disclaimer: Answers, suggestions, and/or comments do not constitute medical advice expressed or implied and are based solely on my experiences as a SCI patient. Please consult your attending physician for medical advise and treatment. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911.

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