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Thread: Health Tips for Swollen Feet

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    Health Tips for Swollen Feet

    Health Tips for Swollen Feet
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    Your feet and ankles look normal in the morning. By day's end they're swollen, and you can't wait to get your shoes off.

    Newswise - Your feet and ankles look normal in the morning. By day's end they're swollen, and you can't wait to get your shoes off.

    Swelling (edema) results from fluid buildup in the tissues. Gravity pulls the fluids to your feet and ankles, causing them to swell. The October issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter offers these tips to reduce swelling:

    Cut back on salt -- Salt contributes to fluid retention.

    Put your feet up -- Lying on your back, rest your feet at least 12 inches above the level of your heart for 10 to 15 minutes, three or four times a day.

    Use support stockings -- Roll these on in the morning to promote circulation and limit gravitation movement of fluids. Most medical supply or drug stores carry these.

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    Hi Max

    Just like to point out an alternative view to swollen feet and ankles.

    1. Renal function is comprimised by sleeping horizontal.

    2. Because renal function is comprimised salts and other dense substances are stored within the body tissue and bodily fluids, instead of being removed from the body via the bladder.

    3. When you get out of bed, the denser stored minerals migrate towards the lowest points in the body, hense the swelling evident towards the end of the day.

    4. The kidneys have a lot of trouble trying to excrete the sudden influx of dense salts ariving at the kidneys.

    See experiment with fluids for better understanding of whats going on down there.

    AndrewExpermental evidence

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    There is absolutely no scientific basis for the belief that "dense substances" drift down into your legs during the day. This is contrary to everything scientically known about how our circulatory system works. We don't have "sediment" in our blood stream. Everyone with SCI knows that you actually improve blood flow to your kidneys when you lay down flat and elevate your legs, which is one reason that most people with SCI put out more urine at night.

    We have not seen AKF's "theories" here for some time, but others may want to do a search here under his name to find previous discussions about his beliefs.

    Sleeping flat with leg elevation on pillows will help leg edema in anyone.


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