well, well, well. oh.....an a HA, HA, HA.

the reason ya haven't heard much outta me is cause i been playin with this router for 2 DAMN days.

whats wrong with just hookin it up an everything working??????? nooooooooo, not me buddy. he told me i'd have to update it an call somebody that his wife was on the phone with for 2 or 3 hours. that shoulda gimma a clue.

first thing...no power cord. found one i had layin around with similar voltage. hooked everything up. run cd.......can't finish setup. power light is constantly blinking. can't upgrade firmware cause router won't connect. been readin..readin...readin. seems a buncha ppl havin problems with linksys router an power light blinkin. tried multiple methods an nothings worked. i'm assuming his wife couldn't get it goin either. it pings but i dunno if she's got it bricked or not. wireless is just becoming one big headache after another. the only other option is buy me a different brand router for 35 bucks that isn't so complicated. oh did i mention....this free laptop is gettin more expensive on a regular basis?????