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Thread: What would you be driving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattblan
    For you guys who like the M6, do you like it better than the 911 turbo?
    As a matter of aesthetics, yes. I think the 911 turbo is a more refined car, but I'd always rather be rolling a bimmer. Something about Porsche's looking like a frog, or is it just me...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tufelhunden
    Something about Porsche's looking like a frog, or is it just me...?
    Heh. Now that you mention it, yeah, that's a good comparison.


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    This thread still lives! Me, I'll just end up with something cheap and uninspiring, but one can always daydream. I found a 2001 Hyundai Tiburon in a used car lot the other nght, probably for sale quite cheap. I got to thinkin' .....once its paid off, have more money, yada yada yada I could rice the living daylights out of it (turbo kit, etc), upgrade the supensions, brakes, and tires (Yokohama Advans, anyone?), and suck the headlights out of unsuspecting motorists and maybe zing around Hallett time or three, too.

    Fantasy wise I love the m5/6, but waiting with bated breath for the forthcoming M3 sedan


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