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Thread: Billet Wheels W/ Soft Roll Tires vs. Frog Legs

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    Billet Wheels W/ Soft Roll Tires vs. Frog Legs

    I am just about to purchase a TiLite ZRa and am having a tough time choosing between the 4" 2-piece Billet Aluminum Wheel w/ soft roll tires or having the Frog Legs installed. After talking with the guys at Ti, they all use the Billet wheels with the soft roll and recomend them. I have been using the Frog Legs for 7 years now and am a little nervous about giving them up, plus the guy at Spin Life recomended them. Which way to go? Has anyone tried both out? Anyone have any advice or insite for me? Thanks!

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    I would go with the soft roll 4"

    I have tried both and personally I think that the Frog Legs are a joke.

    The soft roll is really better. Soft roll is a lot smoother, you don't get that slapping sound on concrete or asphalt seams like you would with Frog Legs.

    I personally think that Frog Legs slow your momentium you build each time you push. It makes the w/c bottom out to much, slowing you down.

    With the soft roll I never notice this happening.

    Plus, the soft roll is way cheaper than a set of those b/s Frog Legs.


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    i have the billet soft rolls on my zra and really enjoy them. i have a TR at home with the frog legs, but i cant get used to them. i think im going to order another set of soft rolls for my TR so i can finally start using it. yes, the frog legs seems to fight against you with every push. i really like the rigid feel with my ride. lol
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    I'm running FrogLegs *with* SoftRolls on aluminum casters & am quite pleased compared to my old rigid setup.

    To each their own.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I think I will try the billet soft roll tires on this chair. I'll keep you posted on how I like them. Keep rollin!

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    Thats a good choice, I also recommend the 4" soft roll with the 2 piece wheels.

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    I'd think Froglegs with the hardest possible tire would be ideal, at least for rolling resistance. I've only used Froglegs, so I have no idea how that softroll would compare however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    I'm running FrogLegs *with* SoftRolls on aluminum casters & am quite pleased compared to my old rigid setup.

    To each their own.
    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
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    I have a quickie P200 power chair that has the frog legs. But I have 5 inch casters, but I'm very pleased with those they help me get over everything

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    i bought some 5 in. softroll wheels for my chair an they really made a difference when going over bumps. i don't think i'd like all that give with the froglegs. my chair had springs on the front when i bought it. i got rid of them an just got regular casters. i couldn't stand my chair giving in the front when i leaned forward an stuff.

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