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Thread: win 98 versus win 98SE.

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    win 98 versus win 98SE.

    figured i'd start another thread so my other don't get so boggled.

    is there a big difference between the 2?

    i believe this dell latitude has win98 se. but i have a disk for old windows 98. my bro had this laptop an i don't know what alls happnin with it. so would it be a bad idea to uninstall whats on it an start fresh with my win98 cd or should i just try an werk with what i got? it's not recognizing my ethernet card an theres or whatever comes with a brand new OS.

    i'm used to winXP, where everythings simple. i know how to do what i needa do, it's just a longer process with win98.

    i just like to know what i'm werkin with an i like NEW instead of something that somebody has done been fiddlin with.


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    SE plugged SOOOOOO many holes...

    98 had issues and clean installs were a good idea... But then you'll have to get all the drivers back, Dell has them all anyway..

    I'd leave SE, however, any serial key works on any system, so just find a freind w8th it and use theirs.... or Cough* cough* d/l it cough* cough*

    Damn cough....

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    Windows 98SE is indeed a better choice between the two as it did indeed plug many a problem as mentioned. I would stick with 98SE if I were you.
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