I have seen stickers on some vehicles where it says please leave enough room so I can deploy my ramp/lift. Not saying all people are going to read it, but am considering one for the truck. It is happening far too often and it might help. I've looked online, but not seeing what I am looking for. Anyone have any suggestions or have one on their van/truck I could see?

Yesterday I went out for Chinese yesterday and parked in a HC Spot, but when I came out someone was parked right next to me. This restaurant is also at fault for not having any hash marks so we had to go in and find the eldery lady that parked there and have her move so I could leave. She had no problems moving and they were just facinated by the lift and then she had to know my whole life story on what happened. I gave her the cliff notes version. Then her elderly friend comes out and she explains what happened and shows her my lift and goes oh yeah, they make those lifts for cripples. What are those people called again?? Ummm - yeah, thanks lady. I must leave now.

So I would like a somewhat small sticker, but readabe for the back window to maybe prevent more of this in the future. Anyone have one or know where I can get one?