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Thread: Friends, this is a reminder...BEWARE!!!

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    Friends, this is a reminder...BEWARE!!!

    We found out today that someone has taken my Dad's name, phone number and street name, and opened a new account at a local bank. We spent several hours today on the phone calling to inform people of what had happened. The way I got tipped off was someone called from THAT bank, and asked to speak to my Dad...I asked why, because he does not have an account with you, and they said that they had sent out some information to him, and that they wanted him to verify his bank info to them via phone.

    I responded that they should just re-send the information to my DAd and he could decide what he wanted to do...and that he did NOT have to give info over the phone because there were people who could scam you...

    Well, LO and WAS a scam, because someone has decided that they can fill my Dad's shoes....

    NO WAY!!!

    He has not been in that bank today...and for that matter has not had an account with them in years...

    So friends, BEWARE!!!


    Keep alert, and you may can nip a potential scammer in the bud before they get the chance to scam you bigtime!!!

    Let's hope tomorrow is better!


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    Oh man! So sorry to hear that. Get a good lawyer and do some in-depth credit checking, if it's more than just the one local thing you may have some work ahead of you to get it straightened out.

    Good luck!

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    my 80 yr old mom gets frequent calls from ppl sayin they're from medicare an need her bank account to update her medicare plan, ppl sayin they're from her bank an need to update.

    no real bank or medicare associates will ever ask you for bank account numbers over the phone.

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