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Thread: Miracle bowel?

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    Miracle bowel?

    Hello, my brother is quadriplegic and we are trying to get his doctor to prescribe this or something similar. Does anyone use this and has anyone had medicaid/medicare pay for it? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The PIEE system is no miracle. Why do you think your brother needs this? What does he think? What is he doing for his bowels program now? How long has he been injured? How much attendant care does he have? This procedure takes about an hour, can cause AD (I know the company says it does not, but I have seen it), and is expensive as the single use disposable parts cost over $30/bowel program. The machine itself is several thousand dollars and is prone to breakdown and requiring maintenance.

    Medicare does not cover this, and I don't know of any state where it is covered by Medicaid either. The few people I know who got someone to cover it for them were worker's comp or purchased it out of a legal settlement.

    While there have been a few studies of its use for a number of months, there are no good studies of the effect of using this for years.


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    Hello, thanks for replying. He has been paralyzed since 1991 and we've just been researching to see if there is a better bowel routine out there? His bowel program right now takes him up to 2 hours to empty out, therefore, we were looking for something that would help him, any other suggestions? I appreciate your information, they also have something called the miracle enema, which I guess is whithout a machine? Excuse me for my ignorance, but what is AD? Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pudgy7
    ...Excuse me for my ignorance, but what is AD? Thanks again.
    Autonomic Dysreflexia - the body's response to something that would hurt like hell if the spinal cord was transferring the signals from the pain nerves up to the brain. At worst, it can be life-threatening due to high blood pressure. You really should know about AD if you're involved in the care of a person with SCI. He should know it, too. PVA have a short (free) guide Autonomic Dysreflexia: What You Should Know that you ought to read.
    - Richard

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    Thanks for the answer, I know about Autonomic Dysreflexia, just didn't realize the initials stood for that. I am not my brothers care taker but I am doing a lot of research for him and trying to learn more about his condition in general so that I can help him more. He has AD on occasion, it has gotten better though.

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