What a day! I went and took my driving test today(and passed), on the way home we stop by a van dealership to look around. Before I even got out of the van my back breaks off my chair. The left pole snapped in two, so it on halfway at least and im yet to kiss the concrete with the back of my head. I call my wheelchair company and guess what they say, "sorry, but we cant get a chair for you until tommorow around noon". I went fucking insane and they hung up on me. I called the owner and he begins to tell me how they are extremely busy and are yet to order the parts so im gonna have to sit in a loaner chair for 2-3 weeks, so i go insane again. These loaner chairs are hospital recliners w/3foot backs. Anyways, he goes on to tell me that im going about this the wrong way. He literally told me, "chris, there are other things going on. I have thousands of clients, and I get get close to 10 repair calls a day so you have to understand that im limited on what I can do for you". I ordered new poles 3 months ago, I ordered the flip down handle bar canes a month ago, so I ask him where are they because thats all I need to fix it. "well, we cancelled the order on the poles because you ordered the flip down canes and the canes havent been ordered because we are in the middle of seeing wether or not they can fabricate the length you need". So no poles, no canes, and a big fat hospital chair because of these idiots. Im alittle upset, needed to vent. thanks.