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Thread: Need info on getting a Apt

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    Need info on getting a Apt

    Hello everybody, since my injury I been living in a nursing home facility. I couldn't return home because where I was living at the time was a 5th floor walk up. But now I have receive my Section 8 voucher. I been calling a bunch of realestate people but as soon as I'm telling them I'm looking for a 2 bedroom apt that is Section 8 and the building needs to be wheelchair accessible I get the "oh that will be a problem" and tell me they gonna call me back. It been 3 weeks since I been searching. I live in NYC, Bronx, and I will like to know if there anything that can help me with my search of a apt. Any steps or places I can reach out to that can help. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless.

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    Independent Living Centers (ILC) vary from place to place, The ILC listed in the Bronx lists some housing services I would suggest contacting them and be sure to tell them you have a Section 8 certificate. Congrats on getting the voucher as you probably know that can take years.

    You may also want to see if social worker @ facility you are in now will help.

    "Money follows the person" is set up to service just like yourself transitioning from nursing homes in to the community. From this piece seems to read money has been awarded in NY and January 08 is target date for delivering services, still I would ask ILC about it.

    good luck,

    New York ILC's

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    Department of Health & Human Services should have a list of Sec 8 housing that is w/c accessible.

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    Thanks for the informations, I already visited the independent living service in my area and all they provided me was a list of realestate in my area. I went online to the link and got the number so I can call, they transfer me one then another, then another and told me to call 311 and talk to the disability line but no one answer. Left a message tho, hopefully they can provide me with some help

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    Hey, J.J, at T12 you don't need to waste your time with Independent Living Centers or Assisted Accessible Housing. They'll likely just stick you on a waiting list for two years.

    Check out craigslist for your area, look for first floor apartments, email the landlords with a description of your situation, and ask if they'd be willing to put a ramp on the place for you. That's what I did and I found landlords to be extremely accomodating. Mine built two ramps, changed the door knobs to handles, and even fixed all the cupboard knobs so I could open them.

    Good luck with your search!
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