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Thread: Can I wash my power chair in the shower?

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    Can I wash my power chair in the shower?

    Do you think washing my power chair in the shower will damage it?

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    Absolutely! You should avoid getting your power chair that wet. You can short out wires and cause corrosion. Use a damp cloth and something like Simple Green to clean your chair seat and exposed parts only.


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    OK, thanks. I love being right (my fiance and I were arguing about it). Should I also avoid going out in the rain?

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    Unless it is a tropical downpour you are probably fine in the rain, although it would be best to limit exposure. A shower allows water to get into a lot of places that are less likely to get wet in the rain.


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    Emi, we got this 'tip' from lilsister - when you have to go out in the rain, take a big 'ziplock bag' and just pull it over your power controls, so at least those won't get wet.

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    I use Simple Green and a wet towel to keep my chair clean. If I really need to go in and get out the grease, I will boil water and pour it over and in between the tires. I do this about every other month if necessary.


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    And never ever ride through kitty litter someone has used for sidewalk traction for ABs. That stuff gets into each little tread and you spend hours with a wet brush trying to get it out before it kills rugs and carpet.

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