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Thread: One-time quadriplegic refuses to slow down

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    Wink One-time quadriplegic refuses to slow down

    Now, I know we are all adults here, and we know better reading this article that this man was very lucky not to be complete, and he is not a super hero and recover because of his will. I don't think that anyone here doesn't have the will to recover like this, just give the opportunity and you will see. I don't understand the writers for writing this way, and the doctors for saying you never going to walk again right way. Anyway way I am very happy for him. Last people in wheelchairs better is for all.

    One-time quadriplegic refuses to slow down

    Army major plans triathlon next week

    It’s been three years since a traffic accident left U.S. Army Maj. Ron Upton a quadriplegic.

    Last month, he ran a marathon. On May 20, he will compete in a triathlon.

    A miracle? If so, it was one that came only through hard work, determination and pain.

    “We’re not in the Old Testament,” Upton, 35, said during a recent interview at his Leavenworth home. “You don’t just get up out of a chair.”

    Upton, who is attending Fort Leavenworth’s Command and General Staff College, ran in last month’s Spirit of St. Louis Marathon.

    During that race, he twice passed the scene of an accident that took place Jan. 25, 2004. Upton, then stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., his wife, Pam, and several friends had gone to St. Louis to watch a St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars hockey game.

    Upton got up early the morning after the game and took a taxi to buy shaving supplies. It was icy and the cab went out of control and crashed into the side of a building.

    Upton has little memory of the accident. He does remember that the cab driver, a man with a heavy foreign accent, had difficulty making a 911 dispatcher understand him. The driver reached over the seat and tried to hand the cell phone to Upton.

    “I couldn’t reach for the phone,” Upton said. “Then I lost consciousness.”


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