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Thread: help! fleet bisacodyl suppliers

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    help! fleet bisacodyl suppliers

    i've been paying over $2 for one bottle, does any know where i can get these fleets cheaper?

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    Lots on eBay for $1.73-1.99, but I found this cheaper source using Froogle:

    Have you considered using either the Magic Bullet or Enemeez? Both are cheaper. We rarely use the Fleets Bisacodyl Enema anymore.


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    Yes try the Magic Bullet. Fast acting and not to bad on the pocketbook.

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    It won't work as well as the Fleets. Been using them for 26 years and nothing else compares.

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    I quit using fleets 15 years ago when I discovered Magic Bullets. Saved a bunch of money and cut an hour or better out of my routine.

    Some people like Enemeez as well.

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