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Thread: Head Transplant

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    on grey's anatomy (the tv show), they had someone who was "internally decapitated"; his skull had disattached from his spine and all that vwas holding his head on to his body was muscles and skin. but the neurologist managed to put him back together again. i laughed cause i had just read this thread.

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    Wasn't this in another thread? I thought I had read all of this last night and Wise responded saying that he's never heard of the term "internally decapitated." I couldn't seem to locate that other thread.

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    small heads[penis ]can be replaced ...proper time ...big heads ....never still an enigma.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    By the way, the knife must have been remarkably sharp and the person wielding knife must have been very strong.

    This was the first thought to come into my mind. That's a lot of stubborn meat, tendon and cartilage to get through in one swipe. I am sure Zarqawi would have ben impressed.
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    Well, 10 years Clayton.
    Maybe. Maybe not.

    Head Transplantation: The Future Is Now | Dr.Sergio Canavero | TEDxLimassol

    Tissue-Engineered Regeneration of Completely Transected Spinal Cord Using Induced Neural Stem Cells and Gelatin-Electrospun Poly (Lactide-Co-Glycolide)/Polyethylene Glycol Scaffolds

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    Wrenched at my heart to see the names in this thread that are now gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Wrenched at my heart to see the names in this thread that are now gone.
    You miss adi????


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    I'd like my head transplanted, because it and my neck are my only parts not in serious pain. Connect my preserved spinal cord to a new body and cord, so my brain gets real messages from the body, instead of the crazy signals the end of the preserved area sends.

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    Me too. Sign me up

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