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Thread: teeth damage: what's up with my teeth all of a sudden

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    teeth damage: what's up with my teeth all of a sudden

    I must have had 6 teeth crack within the past 2 mos.
    medication at fault, dry mouth?
    i'm freaking out!

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    have you taken the pain medication, "Actiq"? With 2 grams of sugar, this cannot be good. In my Actiq boxes, there are warnings about practicing good oral hygeine while using these.

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    i was wondering if it was just me. same thing with mine. i've had about 3 chip off an are just plain rottening. i've always brushed my teeth twice a day and have never had any probs til a couple of years now. if my front ones start goin i'ma have to do like van damn an get em all pulled an get falsies.

    dunno if it's cause i can't brush as thoroughly bein quad or what. i think it was chelle who mentioned that neurontin i think.....causes cavities. i've been taking it every since injury/6 yrs. other ppl have said it's probly med related also.

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    Might be a symptom of diabetes? My brother's teeth look like a meth-head (of which he is definately not).

    You're more at risk with SCI, because of the sedentary situation.
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    Dry mouth

    Do you take ditropan? Ditropan causes dry mouth, dry mouth=less saliva to battle plaque, plaque=cavities.
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    I had no serious dental problems pre-injury. But I went to the dentist recently and my mouth was a complete wreck. I have multiple cavities and cracked teeth, including two of my molars which are literally disintegrating in my mouth. Even a gentle tooth brushing causes pieces of the the molars to break off.

    Like rollin64 I thought it might be due to the fact that my teeth are not getting brushed properly anymore. But my dentist and I sat down and went over my medications. He said that at least two, possibly three, of the medications I am are known to cause an alteration in the saliva's composition and "dry mouth". He thinks that is the reason for the fast rate of tooth decay. I am now trying to work with my other doctors to find some alternatives to these medications. But the damage is done and I am looking at multiple appointments to prevent the rest of my teeth from falling apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangejello
    But my dentist and I sat down and went over my medications. He said that at least two, possibly three, of the medications I am are known to cause an alteration in the saliva's composition, as well as "dry mouth".
    After seeing the same dentist for many years, he has come to this solution, which seems to be working...

    First, he told me that I should find an alternative to ditropan. I told him that wasn't going to happen, as I had tried that before and nothing worked as well as it does.

    Dry mouth, from ditropan, which is my biggest addiction since I'll pee my pants without it (5mg/3xday), is a major cause in tooth decay. Tooth decay can be reversed if caught before it breaks through the first layer of your teeth. He made me floride trays that fit my mouth and I wear them about 5 minutes every other day or so. It has strengthened my teeth and reversed two problem decay areas.

    It might be worth looking into for you?

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    Similar problem here - Carolyn's mouth is always dry due to the pain meds, so she's continually sipping water. A big chunk of a molar just fell off a couple of weeks ago for no apparent reason. No pain. Her dentist told her last year that he often sees rapid tooth deterioration after serious operations.
    We might ask him about this fluoride tray thing, thanks, friend Flicka.
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    synthetic saliva works. you can get it at the pharmacy. use it between brushing, in addition to drinking water constantly, to keep your mouth moist.

    the pretend saliva sounds gross, but it's not so bad. it's a big improvement over dry mouth, will help prevent tooth decay.

    smoking is rough on your gums, can make you more prone to dental woes and decay. also, sticky foods are generally bad for teeth as these can be harder to remove with brushing. sugar's obviously just a bad idea.

    if you're prone to grinding your teeth at night due to pain (or stress or both), check with your dentist for a bite blocker. she/he can make a mold from your teeth, custom make a small, flexible guard for you wear to sleep. i have one. it helps.

    there are less expensive, generic ones you can get, too.

    my dentist gets onto me for using my teeth as tools. however, i use my mouth to do certain things independently. haven't found a solution for that one. ::shrug::

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    Also, with regards to those who have received payouts or might go through Veterans Affairs, I made another claim some years back once it was proven that Ditropan was causing tooth decay and now all my dental work is covered by Veterans Affairs. Just something that might be relevant to some people here.

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