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Thread: hardwood floors

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    I too have the first grade commercial laminate flooring in my condo. I'm using a power chair on it for seven years. It's lasted great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    roomba: 2 questions. how do your pets react to it?
    One cat chases it, one cat runs away, one cat is rather indifferent to its existence.

    does it suck up larger things (like a pen) that would screw it up; in other words, how delicate are its mechanics?
    Not very. It's got great safety sensors built in, but it's not a wussy machine. Check out the website. It gives good info on how the Roomba works. What it will pick up and how often it needs to be cleaned to keep it efficient. There's even a version for workshops that is meant to pick up bigger stuff like nuts and bolts.


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    do you have hardwood floors in all rooms ? what i should be asking is what about having it in the kitchen as well ? i do not have any design blood in me - dont know what color to do the walls , hate the door i picked out for the front of the house , i asked the design lady at the lumber yard if she would take over designing the home for me . she wants to lay hardwood in all rooms but the bathroom . will it look weird in the kitchen ?
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    going hardwood is never a bad idea. great for resale, too.

    check into beautiful tile for the kitchen if you'd rather skip the hardwood there. avoid anything too trendy or which will 'date' your home.

    enjoy your new home. ::thumbs up::
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    We used hardwood throughout the house except in the bathroom and kitchen. In the kitchen we used 18 X 18 tiles and it looks beautiful. I would suggest going to a tile store and speaking with them about what tile holds up best, and take a couple samples home and give them a good test run--spill juice, try and scrap up, etc...

    Woodfloors can look beautiful in a kitchen, just your own preference. I agree with LeMemchose choose what you enjoy but stay away from stuff which it to trendy in an ten years you'll have to replace.

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    i live in my house now. i don't care what is trendy or adds resale value. but of course, this is not a temp home for me, but, in any case, i believe ppl should put in what they want/need. if one chooses to sell, prob the resale value is not much affected. jmo. tomorrow is promised to no one. jmo.

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    anything BUT carpet
    it is NEVER truly clean, harbors germs and such. NEVER understood why a human would use carpet on a floor. If you use tile, try to minimize the grout and get a dark color. The grout is the hard part to keep clean and stains over time if it is light color. . Tile is non porous and easy to clean. Wood floors are easy to clean.
    We have hardwood and marble floors all over the house. Beautiful, cleans in a flash. ME, I'm a dirty cuss. I kept concrete from my garage, thru the hall to my room and all the way out the other side through the woodshop. My bil and myself work and play hard. Painted the floors "haze grey and underway" with little plastic chips sprinkled on, then sealed. Gives it a bit of 'design'.
    I can hop in a power chair, take my cadillac and mop the whole shebang in about 15 minutes. I thrive on FORM not function. I don't have to worry about going in and out in the rain, spilling etc.
    I suggest whatever you decide on looks wise in tile on the high traffic areas. Hardwoods in the bedrooms and living room. Usually wood isn't in kitchens and baths, moisture. Laminates don't have that problem. Shopo around, you can save a FORTUNE doing your floors if you take time and hunt the bargains. Not cheap QUALITY, cheap PRICE.

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    Wood in the whole house except bath, kitchen, utility closet and laundry. Tile in those areas. My wife does like the High quality floating laminates with the thin pad underneith. She says it's much easier on her feet and joints than the solid hardwoods. Both look great, wear well and clean super easy. (so she says!)
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    I know this thread is a few months old. We just re-did a house for our son. Built in 1966, we ripped out all the carpet, vinyl, etc. Went down to the concrete slab and acid washed it, stained it dark charcoal gray, sealed it with epoxy. NO UPKEEP. He rolls around very nicely. The stain enhanced the cracks, dings, etc. and gave the floors a real "edgy" look. If we had the money, we would have done what they call "Liquid Dazzle" sooooo beautiful. Check out their web site, click on "epoxy coat" and then "Liquid Dazzle". When it's time to re-do our home, that's what I would like to do. Had the hard wood, loved it, but hated the upkeep. We now have tile, like it, hate the grout!

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    LOVE my hardwood floors! Easy clean up, only a few scratches, and much cleaner that carpets no matter how often you vacumn them.

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