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Thread: recent para just need some advice

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    to answer the nurse my goal is to get back as much freedom as posibal and when i graduat live on my own. im not indapendent at all right now but trying my hardest to get there i am still in my back brace but i might be heald soon. Im doing my rehab at uc davies med center. i will go back to school next year sencs this ones almost over i was not diving alone i was with a couple of other guy at the river i am hopeing to learn to drive but im guna wate till im relly am also a compeat asia A and luckuly my friends are always by my side

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    blonco ,
    be strong and never give up.
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    It is way too early to say if your injury will remain complete. Your goals sound very realistic, but it would be good for you to make a list and share it with your doctor (physiatrist) and therapists. For example:

    1. I want to drive within 6 months.
    2. I want to do all my own transfers, including floor to wheelchair transfers, within 1 month after getting my jacket off.
    3. I want to be totally independent in bowel and bladder management within 1 month after getting my jacket off.
    4. I want to try XYZ wheelchair sports before school starts.
    5. I want to learn how to cook and take care of my own apartment in a wheelchair by the end of this year.

    Make your goals as measurable as possible, and set realistic time-lines. You can do it!

    You may also want to look into outpatient services at the Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento. They have an excellent spinal cord injury program, and you would be eligible at your age.


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    You'll do very well!


    My daughter is now 16 and she was hurt almost 3 yrs ago. It was a bit tough getting adjusted and the future picture in focus, but much is still the same as before.

    She does very well in school with an eye for college (top of class). She's been an asst coach for her schools basketball team for the past three seasons, she loves the game. She misses playing with her team, but shes an integral part just the same, she scouts the opponent during games to assess whether they're playing man to man or zone. She also runs practices and has head coached a few games when he had scheduling conflicts (she lettered last year, never missed a practice or game). She works out with a personal trainer twice a week at the local YMCA to try to stay in shape.

    During the summer she's focused heavily on rehab. We've spent the last two summers at a place in CA called Project Walk (extreme heavy duty work outs for SCI). This summer she'll train intensively with her trainer at the YMCA. She also going to start electric guitar lessons when school lets out.

    So as you can see, it's really what you make of it. Sarah has trully moved on from her injury, and I'm sure you will too.

    God is good, ALL the time.


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    hey man, sorry to hear about your injury. Im going on 2 years july 15 due to a motocross injury, and being positive is probably the most important thing. Yea being in a wheelchair sucks but atleast your still here, and chances are u can still do what you love, there isnt really anything you cant do. For example, im riding a dirtbike again, i have seen many videos with wheelchairs in skate parks and have designed some pretty nasty mountain bikes, if your into that. Just stay positive, try not to be so serious about being in the wheelchair, joke around with your friends about it, and things go alot smoother.

    email me if you got any other questions ill be more than happy to help..

    later on bud,
    just a little pic of a bike for the impaired

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    Bionco, Hi..sorry you had to find this board but glad you did. I am a T12 spinal cord injury. I was injured two years ago when I was 22 in a car accident. My suggestion on the best thing you can do is try and stay positive,do as much research as you can on your own, ask questions, never be satisfied with your progress and always want more. Try and find the best people to help you in your rehab and when picking out a wheelchair since most insurances only pay for one every 5 years you should be happy with what you get.

    I had great family, and friends rooting for me and I hope you have the same. If you ever need some answers or encouragement this is the place to come. Task that seem daunting now in 6 months will be second nature so keep positive and your head up.

    PM me --I'd love to talk further <Nicole>

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    Where do you live (state) You should find some people in your communiy. I have friends all over that you may be able to meet and hang with and to learn from. I found that the best wisdom came from thoes who have been doing this wheechair thing for a long time. You have came to the right place to get wisdom. if I can help let me know and if you are in Colorado look me up.

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    Hi Blonco

    My son is T4-5 complete from gsw, 4 1/2 years post. He is 21 now. He lives on his own, has his own car and he is thinking about opening his own business.
    Glad you found this site, lot of support and answers to your questions.

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