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Thread: Mini Cooper S

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    Mini Cooper S

    I broke down and bought the MCS yesterday. Here's the basic link to the car Mine is Sparkling Silver (looks more champagne) and has a bunch of goodies and gadgets. I should be able to pick it up near the end of June.

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    Awesome Chris,

    I drive a huge quad cab 4X4 and if could afford a car also I would get a mini in a second.
    good luck with it.

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    Hooray!!! Mini's are just phlat phat.

    Enjoy, C.

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    Dr. Wisey bought one last year. He said it was great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Chappell
    I broke down and bought the MCS yesterday.
    Very cool car. Congrats!


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    Awesome Chris, PM me if you ever need anything MINI related, I'm still working @ the dealership
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    Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm psyched to have a sports car back in the stable. Whether I keep or sell the Tundra remains to be seen. For now I'll keep everything as is as I love my trucks as well. Boys and their toys right..

    Onward and upward

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    That is really cool. Photos when you get it! Congrats

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    Has all the Americans gone Global Warming all of a sudden now? That’s a dangerous car, you better cancel the order; trucks will drive over it not seeing it. And driving off say a ferry you might end up in the water if there’s a tiniest little gap between the ferry and the quay. Not good.

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