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Thread: chat addicted

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    chat addicted

    hi there

    do u know how to treat addition to chat??

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    I've been there. I found that having my husband and son complain about neglect helped.

    Also, finding a job that had so much computer work involved that I no longer wanted to look at it. Getting a dog to get me out of the house was huge.

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    Opposite problem here, Betheny. Having been deprived of my computer for about three months, I do believe I could sit here staring blissfully at my screensaver and be happy.

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    Or...... TURN OFF THE MACHINE........ FACE! :P

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    I can never type fast enough to keep up with the conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru
    I can never type fast enough to keep up with the conversation.
    same here. that kinda turns me off to chat. and the fact that i'm not much of a talker in person either.

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