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Thread: Hope for Post-Polio Syndrome patients

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    Hope for Post-Polio Syndrome patients

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to share something with those who are affected by post-polio syndrome.

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    Is this an ad for this treatment program (ie, spam)?? This OP has no profile and has never posted here before.


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    A family member of mine actually had polio. So this is something that I care about. I just wanted to share the info with those affected.

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    I believe this is now a choice in the PPS bag of tricks for pain. A site for help with doctors who specialize and books are at: I know and was treated by both Lauro Halstead MD and Anne Gawne MD who also both have PPS. No, I never had polio or PPS just another non-traumatic SCI.
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    I agree with the observation this is another "Spam-a-lot". I'd disregard it. Dr. Bruno, and the fine doctors mentioned above, would concur with that observation! I wouldn't speak for him if I wasn't 100% sure.

    On a more serious note, one of my 5 grandchildren has displayed signs of Juvenile Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This can manifest itself in many ways, and now one of the parents is saying my having had polio could be the cause. I'm sure this isn't the case, but wonder if anyone has had a similar situation? Thanks! Johnny
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