Hi there,
I was diagnosed with the disease last week - or sort of diagnosed cause I wasnt the person who was referred to the dr. and the disease is genetic.
I have always had minor problems with my legs such as sore knees and little spasms of my legs.
My fathers side of the family has shown signs of the disease and so I had a fairley good idea that I had it.
A year ago, I decided to go for a run and I couldnt pick my toes up high enough to complete a step. So, Id either scuff my toes or trip over.
Just recently I have noticed that I visit the loo very regularly and on a couple of long car trips Ive actually wet myself. Just recently I have been unable to kick off my right boot as a strong feeling of either muscle or bone trauma arises.
Im hoping that some people on here with an understanding of this problem can advise me about bladder control as I feel that I may need a catheter in the near future and I really want kids.