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Thread: Embryonic stem cells can repair eyes

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    Embryonic stem cells can repair eyes

    This is from Lanza's team at Advanced Cell Technology. While the study being discussed involves the retina, other ongoing studies are also mentioned. All of it sounds promising although I'm not sure how applicable it is to SCI.

    Maybe the best part:
    the company wanted to test the cells in people and had asked the Food and Drug Administration for permission to do so by the end of next year.
    They directed the stem cells into becoming what they believe are hemangioblasts, the blood vessel precursor cells, although other teams will have to replicate this for it to be accepted.
    "When injected into the bloodstream, they homed to the other side of the body and repaired damaged vasculature within 24 to 48 hours," Lanza said.
    "For example, we injected the cells into mice with damaged retinas due to diabetes or other eye injury. The cells (labeled green) migrated to the injured eye, and incorporated and lit-up the entire damaged vasculature. The cells are really smart, and amazingly, knew not to do anything in uninjured eyes."

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    The cells are really smart, and amazingly, knew not to do anything in uninjured eyes.
    So why the hell they are not going to test it on humans. Come on!

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    What if the nerves were destroyed that connect the eye to the brain.
    Can it rejuvenate the dead nerves?

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