Stem Cell Research

New stem cell research study findings have been reported from Institute of Physical and Chemical Research

2007 APR 2 -- A report, "Electrical stimulation modulates fate determination of differentiating embryonic stem cells," is newly published data in Stem Cells. "A clear understanding of cell fate regulation during differentiation is key in successfully using stem cells for therapeutic applications. Here, we report that mild electrical stimulation strongly influences embryonic stem cells to assume a neuronal fate," scientists in Saitama, Japan report.
"Although the resulting neuronal cells showed no sign of specific terminal differentiation in culture, they showed potential to differentiate into various types of neurons in vivo, and, in adult mice, contributed to the injured spinal cord as neuronal cells. Induction of calcium ion influx is significant in this differentiation system," wrote M. Yamada and colleagues, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research.