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Thread: Scientific Breakthrough or Scam?

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    Firstly I will make it clear that I have no interest in promoting Dr Rader's methodology.

    My interest in the stem cell therapeutic scene is because of my son of 15 months who about 4 weeks ago sufferred brain damage following a cardiac arrest. Like most of you I am desperately praying to God to make this stem cell research yield results soon.

    I am interested in what Rader is doing is therefore obvious. However, I am very cautious. Although I am not rich, I will sell off everything I own to see my son receive treatment that will help him. Having said that, my worry is not the money as such, because health has no price and any price is worth it, but I worry in being suckered into a scam only for a real solution to be made available (please God very soon) at a later time and I having no money to cover that - for me that would be the ultimate catastrophy!

    I am not sure about injecting stem cells through IV into the blood stream. However, a report dated Dec 2005 issued by the University of Texas (Health Science Centre, Houston) [1] says, "The Center for Cell and Gene Therapy at Baylor College of Medicine will process the bone marrow into the stem cell preparation and return it to Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital, where it will be given intravenously to the injured child."

    In a BBC report dated Feb 2001[2] it is quoted, "The cells migrated to the sites of brain injury and dramatically improved the recovery of the animals.Professor Sanberg told the AAAS: "The animals moved better. Using motor and neurological tests, the rats demonstrated recovery in 7-14 days with a 50% improvement over the control animals." Not only did the injected cells replace those damaged by the stroke, they also appeared to boost the rodents' own brain-repair processes, the scientist said.
    Professor Sanberg highlighted the use of intravenous injection rather than the far more difficult neurological procedure of injecting straight into the site of injury in the brain."

    Such a method is also mentioned in a Medical Research News [3] report dated Oct 2005 wich says,
    "Perhaps most importantly, they also will look at whether stem cells produce similar results when they are given intravenously rather than injected directly into the injury site, Dr. Carroll says. "If the ideal way of doing it scientifically doesn't work, why move on from here?" he says. "Now that we know it does work, we are going to look at different methods of injection to try and find the one that is the easiest. We think the chemokines, at least in part, attract the cells, so we hope it will work even when given through the bloodstream."

    Then there is a report dated Nov 2005 [4] which says, "The main application of this research will be in allowing researchers to isolate populations of cells capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and differentiating into neural cell types. Once the molecular characteristics of these cells are known, they could be used to isolate similar cells from umbilical cord blood or bone marrow for brain repair, by intravenous administration..."

    There is much more one can find about this IV administration of stem cells and research about it is certainly under way. In labs there have been results albeit on mice but the difficulty so far is that hardly anyone knows how the stem cells are able to go where we think they should. A report dated April 2007 [5] says, "Dr. Prockop described two series of experiments. In the first studies, human stem/progenitor cells were injected into the hippocampal region of the brain in immunodeficient mice. The human stem/progenitor cells increased the growth and differentiation of stem cells normally found in the brains of mice and other animals. In the second studies, when human stem/progenitor cells were intravenously infused into mice that had been made to have a disease similar to human diabetes, the stem/progenitor cells traveled to and engrafted themselves in the pancreas. There, they increased the growth of the stem cells normally found in the pancreas, producing more islet cells, thus increasing the mice’s production of insulin, and lowering blood sugar. With some tissue damage, the administered cells are able to do their repair activities in as little as a day and largely disappear."

    I guess what I am trying to say is do not rubbish anything away just because we can't currently understand how ot works. If this IV administration is true it would indeed be the greatest gift from God as to a lot of serous conditions will be cured without the need for invasive surgery and the risks of infection that brings.

    Hopefully this school of thought is onto something for all our sakes, please God.





    [5] n_pancreas_kidney_cells_newly_understood
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    I dont think anyone is rubbishing stem cell research certainly not me, however I do think it is important to separate the quacks who are jumping on the stem cell bandwagon in an attempt to sell their bogus treatments.
    If Rader had a real cure Im sure we would be reading about it in peer reviewed medical literature.
    Sorry for your son Baron, I think I can understand the way you feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBaron

    I guess what I am trying to say is do not rubbish anything away just because we can't currently understand how ot works. If this IV administration is true it would indeed be the greatest gift from God as to a lot of serous conditions will be cured without the need for invasive surgery and the risks of infection that brings.
    Many of the claims of cures via intravenous injection of stem cells are old and have not been substantiated or replicated by other labs.

    If they're not immunologically matched, cells injected into the bloodstream will be rejected.

    Adult stem cells alone are not a cure. Likewise, it is important that people don't expect a cure from just infusing umbilical cord blood cells into people. Many clinics are advertising umbilical cord blood treatments as if umbilical cord blood stem cells injected into the bloodstream will go directly to the spinal cord and start to produce the right types of cells and the right types of growth factors to repair the spinal cord. I am very skeptical of claims that are saying that umbilical cord blood cells are doing this. For the past two years, at the Rutgers Keck Center, we have been transplanting umbilical cord blood cells into the spinal cord and finding that the cells do not produce neurons, astrocytes, or oligodendroglial cells. Yes, when they are transplanted directly into the spinal cord, umbilical cord blood cells do produce growth factors that may be beneficial for the spinal cord. However, when we have injected human or rat neonatal blood cells intravenously into rats after spinal cord injury, we find that few or none of the cells go into the spinal cord, even when we suppress the immune system.

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    Holy bejeezus...

    Deconstructing the Claimed AIDS Cure

    Yesterday I reported on a psychiatrist who claims to have a cure for AIDS, but won't explain how it works. Today, I will save him the trouble and tell you how it works. Because I'm nice like that.

    The psychiatrist, William Rader, reportedly operates a company -- Medra, Inc -- from his Malibu home. A quick search of the US Patent Application database returns 13 applications filed on behalf of Rader. One of the 13 applications includes the claim -- "A method for treating a patient infected with HIV [..]".

    (a buttload more)
    Unfortunately, none of his patent applications claim to cure SCI.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Although I dont doubt the claims of this doctor is false I don't think that claims can only be ligitimized by peer reviewed journals. It seems like as a community we are beginning to become as close minded as alot of high academics. Just because a procedure hasn't yet been placed before a peer review board doesn't mean its a scam. But again I'm not defending this doctor just saying "loosen up a little" leave the academics to academia. I believe a rogue doctor with a great desire to find a cure has as much of a chance as a doctor who uses the clincal trial/ peer review process. Why is only one route considered the correct route?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanTPoulter
    I dont think anyone is rubbishing stem cell research certainly not me, however I do think it is important to separate the quacks who are jumping on the stem cell bandwagon in an attempt to sell their bogus treatments.
    If Rader had a real cure Im sure we would be reading about it in peer reviewed medical literature.
    Sorry for your son Baron, I think I can understand the way you feel.
    Thanks IanTPoulter.

    Continuing from where I left off, I admit I was a bit unrefined in the way I chose my words.

    What I meant to refer to when I said about rubbishing. I meant specifically the IV methodology.

    I found a new report today about clinical trials on the way. Admittidely these are for cardiac patients, but the scientist is charge says, "Dr, Roger Gammon is director of research at Austin Heart, cardiologist providers in Central Texas. He says that in the double blind study, within 10 days of a heart attack, some patients received adult stem cells from donated bone marrow and other patients received a placebo. "We hang a bag that has millions of stem cells in it," Gammon said. "They infuse through the vein and travel to where there is an injury. It's just a simple intravenous infusion over 30 minutes."

    Full write up =

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    medra and dr. rader

    I heard today from a friend who is 16 years post injury C5 incomplete. I saw her one year ago and she was able to get up from her chair and stand ...shuffle a few steps and with help carefully walk across the floor about 5 steps. She told me that she has had 3 embryonic stem cell injections from Rader and just finished walking a 5K. She still uses a chair for most day to day stuff. She said she started to sweat and her feet stink again. I am a physician and have a C5 C6 son. it bull? I am of course trials...anecdodtal information etc. I do know my friend and the results she has had can be seen by my own eyes. If nothing else it gives some hope of what may eventually be availabel in the states.

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    New to the group

    Hi Group,

    Let me introduce myself I am Felicia Gallo and I have a daughter Amanda Gallo with brain injury (cerebral paly). We have done fetal stem cells with Dr.Rader back in June 2000 and Amanda has progressed so nicely from being in a vegetive stage to having charcter, attitude, smiling, learning to walk with the pony walker, just a little girl coming back to me. Below is her story. We were referred to Dr. Rader back in 2000 by Dr. Neubaurer which, he owns a Hyperbaric Center in Florida. That is how we found out about stem cells.

    My journey began on June 19, 1998, when my daughter Amanda was born. The doctors told me that Amanda had Cerebral Palsy. They said that she was very severe and had very extensive brain damage. Her brain scan showed that she had virtually no cortex left on the SPECT scan showed a devastating loss of the cortex. It also appeared that a large segment of the brain was missing due to brain edema. Like any parent I was in shock. I did not know what to do or where to turn.

    As the days and months passed by we noticed she was not doing anything that she should be doing developmentally for the age of 9 months. Her head and spine arched back and always stayed on the left side with her head, and her eyes were always rolled up.

    At the age of 9 months Amanda started doing Hyperbaric Oxygen. We noticed that her spascity was reduced, she was sleeping better, her nystagma was less and her vision improved. The next brain scan showed that there was more blood flow to her brain. We did Hyperbaric Oxygen for 1 year.

    Amanda had turned 2 years old and she was better since the Hyperbaric Oxygen. She still had her head arched back but it was less. Her eyes would roll up less and her spasticity was less also. However, she was still not able to walk, talk, smile, or suck her bottle or look at us.

    We heard about Fetal Stem Cell Therapy and I was very excited. I gave it a lot of thought about whether I should take Amanda or not, and I decided I would give it a try since I had nothing to loose because Amanda was already brain damaged enough. I followed my instinct and my heart.

    We started to do Stem Cell Therapy when Amanda was 2 years old. Today Amanda is 9 years old and here are the changes we saw in the last 7 years with doing Fetal Stem Cells.
    Amanda was not able to suck her bottle at the age of 2 but she now is able to suck her bottle and her sucking coordination came back.
    Her eyes are more alive, alert and expressive. She now turns her head and eyes to look at me when I call her but before there was no response. Her hands are now more opened up too. The best thing that I love now is she is able to give me a huge smile. For me that smile means one million words! She is a lot more active and pays attention to what is going on around her and she understands a lot more too.
    Amanda is now learning how to crawl, which is so amazing! She is able to stand up by herself for a few seconds. She wants to achieve it so badly that she puts all her energy into trying. We have done EEG’S and it has shown that her readings are much better. She is able to express herself with a sad face and she babbles more. I noticed she understand a lot more now they are periods that she does not eat breakfast and when I tell her if you eat daddy will play with you, within 10 minutes she is done her breakfast. At night she will call me and let me know she wants to drink, and goes back to sleep after her drinking this is a big step for her to call me, she is understanding more and more. Her brain scan showed an increase in the size of the cortex too. And now the best for last she mumbles “MAMA” which is the best gift she could give me. We have gone for more stem cells and Amanda is improving a lot on her babbling more new sounds are coming out, she could go on for hours now and babble this is new for us. My husband also noticed when we ignore her now she will just look and say out loud HEY, she also is learning how to sit on her own when doing therapy, the therapist holds only her hands and the rest Amanda tries to balance herself. The new thing Amanda has just done is learned how to roll over, just 3 weeks ago I put Amanda on my bed with pillows on each side, I was gone for just 1 minute and I hear a boom, it was Amanda that rolled off my bed and fell on the floor. My god thank god she did not get hurt she landed on her belly. Now I know that Amanda is able to do a full roll over before 3 weeks ago she was not able, she would only go halfway and get stuck, I guess now she figured it out, and I put her on the floor from now on. Now she will look straight at me and start to talk to me in her babbles language. It feels good to have some sounds in the house now. This pasted year in December she said to her father I Love You, and Hi. I thank god everyday for giving her a chance to doing Fetal Stem Cells it has changed my life amazing and full of happiness in my heart.

    This is our story.

    Felicia Gallo

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