Have been attempting hard not to reply on a previous thread by someone who asked for help with questions in re to their son getting paid to become the caregiver. Then I decided to start this thread instead after hearing something in the news tonight. Thought I just had to say this and that it might help many others with the same thought.

It has been my experience that many times we, whether quad or para, often need help in spite of our attempts to be as independent as possible. I have known most of my life as a para and have managed to be independent through it all but recently things have changed for me. Have found myself in need of help more and more with time and the many health issues that have entered my life. Thankfully, there has been a lot of help given to me with HR and the caregiving facilities in this city. The help I have received has been varied. The caregivers also have been different. Some of them have been a good experience but there have also been some whom have been a nightmare for me. Have been so stressed because lately they have been sending me what seems to be the ones from the bottom of the barrel. Since Nick has always been doing his best to be there for me in his free time, it has really taught me a few facts. They are that at times it is best to have family to help instead of having someone(a stranger) come into your home and expose yourself to problems that you can't cope with at times.

It is possible that I will be critized for having him become my official caregiver but this is what works for US. He has been been working with the health agency for over a month now. It has been a relief to have him to take care of things for me. It has also made things easier for him since he does have to take Isis to school every day since he is taking her of by himself. There are many things at home that I will not go into but it has made it easier for him to work here and not have to be missing work because he has to come home in an emergency or because there is no one to take care of us(Isis or I).

The suggestion of him taking care of me came from one of the caregivers herself. She would go to sleep while I would take a nap and I guess because I had to talk to her about actually working during working hours instead of sleeping while I was sleeping, she must have thought she would kind of hurt me with the suggestion. But who knows really what brought that up? One thing I do know is that was one of the problems I had met with several of them plus their absences.

Anyways, he has been a really great help. It has helped us as a family in our family situation. Most of all, I know I can trust him to be here when he is supposed to be here and not be sleeping during working hours. We spoke with the HR office and the agency before we could have him become my caregiver. They both accepted to give him the job.

Oh, btw, he used to work before and also did help with housework and yardwork when he was home. The agency is now sending a lady which has really worked out better and works on week ends only. Her parents also are now under the same agency and her sister is their caregiver now. Seems that the idea of a relative being the caregiver is not such a bad idea. Plus, I do think they deserve to be paid for the care since they are working and possibly more dedicated than a total stranger would be. Now my worries and problems with the troublesome caregivers are gone. Also, they are going to start me on the CBA program soon. Have been waiting for them to sign the papers to start me now.

I also wanted to post the following link which makes me feel so glad that I am not having to deal with strangers as my caregivers anymore ..


I thought how sad that this could happen to this lady and at the same time glad that I made the decision I did.