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Thread: Project Walk client to open Project Walk Boston

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    Project Walk client to open Project Walk Boston

    Dan Cummings who suffered an SCI at the C5 level spent over three years training at Project Walk. He walked out our doors on March 30th and went back to Boston with a new mission: to bring Project Walk to Boston, become a role model, a mentor, and a leader in promoting exercise-based recovery

    Recently Dan was welcomed to the Project Walk family as the Assistant Facility Manager of our soon to be Boston Center. His responsibilities will include marketing and fundraising, mentoring of new clients, and training new specialists from a client's perspective. We are very excited to have a client grow into a graduate and now become an employee.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    Thats great to see. I am visiting in June(portland).

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    This is awesome for Boston --if I had the money I'd be dragging my butt down to Project Walk instead of spaulding Rehab hospitals Rehab even though they have been great. Maybe one day too bad insurance wont pay.

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    Wicked Awesome, Dan. I'm sure it'll feel nice to be back on your feet at your old stompin' grounds.
    Hate to see you go, but Project Walk, Carlsbad has too many Dan's anyway. Keep it up!
    Injured May 19, 2006, C4 incomplete

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    That's just beautiful. I can remember meeting you at PW over the past two summers as my daughter was trying to recover from her injury.

    I can remember your kind, gentle demeanor, yet furious resolve as you would march around PW with nothing but a strap and the steady hand (not hands) of your trainer supporting you.

    Good luck my friend, perhaps our paths will cross again some day.


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