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Thread: did y'all know i'm a fake?

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    did y'all know i'm a fake?

    yup, according to this "vortex" dude at this star trek gaming site my son skimmed the surface of (i intercepted this idiot's e), i am not an engineer, am stupid and probably an internet kid predator. thought i'd warn y'all....LOL . this is a 20-something kid from uk and i dunno why i even tried to communicate with the great and mighty "dark shadows" clan!

    parents: beware. my son received very nasty e's from this individual (the webmaster, v or vortex) and so did i.
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    You faker, you! Sorry they're harrassing you. I just love it when people on the net feel the need to belittle others on the net. Makes them look like SUCH great people.

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    Yikes! Just picyure the pathetic lonely guy.......

    as a side note I dated a gamer once. He took me to a convention and I rode up in the elevator with trekkies using the "lift" as a tele sumpthin' or other. Did I mention i needed to drink......alot!!
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    Fake??? YEAH, right!!! NOT...LOL...

    But BETTE, can you SING? rofl rofl rofl!

    Private joke would take way too long to explain to y'all! Just's funny!


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    bitter trekkies? who'd have thought!

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    Cass ... what a bunyak ....

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    lmao.... I love you, Obie!

    just thought u should know.

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