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Thread: inheritance

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    im getting money around 30,000 from an inheritance will it effect my ssdi, i am not on medicaid, just medicare

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    SSI or SSDI?

    What type of social security are you receiving? Are your benifits based on income and assets? If you are single and have MORE THAN 2000 in savings and investments, then you are most likely not on the type of Social Security that limits assets.
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    social security disability insurance from working. i'm working pt now making about 700 a month as not to go over the limit
    i have assests over 2000 dollars thank you for your quick answer

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    If you are on SSDI, work part time and have assets over 2000, then an inheritance will not impact your check. SSDI is not means tested, therefore you could be a millionair and still draw on it, as long as you are disabled and paid into the system.
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    I received a land inheritance a few years back. I had medicare/medicaid(100% coverage) When I notified the various agencies, I lost medicaid(last 20% coverage) Had to go back to paying the deductables monthly.
    Didn't affect my SSDI.

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    If one were to win the Lotto would that effect ones SSDI/Medicare?
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    Consult a Special Needs Trust lawyer!!! Don't speculate on what if. They know.

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    if one were to win the lotto..........why would you need ssdi/medicare???

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    My partner and I do special needs trust work and investments.

    Here's our link:

    Justa - if you shelter assets appropriately one may still qualify for medical benefits. Otherwise, depending upon how much you win, you may still have to pay premiums as well as any catastrophic injury cost needs, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Chappell
    if you shelter assets appropriately one may still qualify for medical benefits.
    Can one put a small inheritance like this directly into a medical trust or some kind of IRA?


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