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Thread: More bowel routine questions

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    More bowel routine questions

    I’ve been using digital stimulation for my bowel procedure every day or every other day, depends on how I feel. I’m taking 2 senna-s tablets at night. Usually I get rock-hard gravel. I stay pretty well hydrated, I drink a ton of cranberry juice.

    I find that every day I get more and more disgusted with the whole process of going on the floor of my roll-in shower and then picking up the results in a dust pan and moving that into the toilet. I will be getting a new chair soon that should allow me to at least sit over the toilet when I do this, and I’m hoping that someone can help me find a stimulant to use (I’m really at my end with the whole digital stimulation thing) on the toilet.

    In this last issue of New Mobility I saw a product that looked like it was in a small tube, promised results in 15 minutes and was covered by medicare. Does anyone know what that is? My copy hit the trash before I had a chance to look it over again..

    I’m interested in information on any product or techniques anyone can suggest,


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    If it's what I'm thinking...

    There's also Magic Bullets which work fast:

    Try one. Try them both. I doubt you'll regret it.

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    When you say a "ton of cranberry juice", just how much is that? Cranberry juice is very weak in the cranberry ingredient that can be helpful for your bladder, and very high in calories. You should be drinking mostly water, and should have at least 2.5-3.0 quarts daily....more if you sweat.

    How much fiber are you eating in your diet? 30 gm. daily is recommended, and most people don't eat near that much.

    Long term use of strong stimulants like senna can cause problems. It would be best to stay away from these if possible.

    Rectal suppositories don't replace digital stim for most people. Suppositories bring the stool from the sigmoid and descending colon into the rectum. This can include regular bisacodyl (Dulcolax type), Magic Bullet bisacodyl, glycerine, or Enemeez (which we refer to as a liquid suppository). This may be the product you are referring to, although it will depend on the Medicare drug plan you have whether they will cover it or not.

    Digital stimulation is used primarily to fatigue and relax the anal sphincter and allow the stool to pass from the rectum. It does not replace the use of a suppository for most people with SCI.

    If you don't have it already, I would strongly recommend downloading and carefully reading the booklet Neurogenic Bowel: What you should know from the Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine.


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    i agree with the nurse! Fiber is your best friend! So is a sepository!

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    When I was in the hospital and all during rehab they kept giving me more senna and more colace and I kept getting more constipated....just little hard balls and had to stim alot and got hemoroids! When I got out I started my own program and haven't had any problems since. First thing I did was throw away the senna! The first day I got off of it I had a normal bowel movement! I started taking Citrucel ( 2 tablets a day at noon ) and 1-3 colace at night and a supplement called Fibertox by Better Body Basics. You can read about it at It is a fiber supplement with licorice, psyillum, and a very small amount of senna. I called the company and they said the senna was so small that there is absoloutely no problem with habitual use. I only take the Fibertox on the night before my bp. I go everyother day. And I use the Magic Bullet! When I switched to that from a regular suppository it made a big difference! I only use 1/2 of the suppository.

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    Off topic, but, no offense, Jesus man, you need some plastic surgery or something. Been tough getting a date I bet

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    Thanks everyone. I’ve been taking the 2 senna tablets for several years. Nurse, can you recommend a schedule to move away from using the senna to some of the other techniques or can I just stop using it and move to another program?

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    It would be better to do this gradually. Cut back to one, and do that for a week, then cut out the other. Rule of thumb: no more than one change in your bowel program per week, so that you can better evaluate the results of any change.


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    Should I start using the suppository right away? I see you said 1 change at a time, but do I need to replace the missing stimulant?

    Thanks for your quick response!

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    A suppository, even bisacodyl, is not considered the same type of stimulant as oral stimulants like senna. It is OK to start using the suppository right away.


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