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Thread: daily cleaning of catheters

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    daily cleaning of catheters

    I would like to get some routines or recommendations for the daily cleaning and storage of catheters? Should I usus some betadine?

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    Current research does not support this method. Use of any type of disinfectant is discouraged, as it increases the rate of urethritis. Current research does support the following:

    1. Rinse and wash with plain soap (no disinfectant, no perfumes), like Ivory.

    2. Shake as much water off as possible, then fold in a clean, dry hand or bath towel. We recommend fan-folding so you can put an entire day's worth of catheters folded into one towel.

    3. Set the "set" of catheters aside and allow catheters to fully air dry 24-48 hours. Air drying is critical to success with this method, as very few urinary pathogens can survive complete dessication.

    4. Once they are completely dry, you can store in a new clean brown paper bag (like a lunch bag) until use.

    5. We recommend putting a catheter, some lubricant, hand wipes and a baggie into a lunch bag to take with you when away from home. After use, put the catheter in the baggie, then clean and dry it when you get home.

    Never soak catheters in disinfectant, store wet, or store in waterproof containers. Some like to microwave or boil, but this is not necessary.

    To make this work, you need 2-3X the number of catheters you use daily as your stock. Since our clients can get 8 catheters monthly, we have them save catheters in the hospital (where they get a new one each time) and then at home just replace those that get old as needed.


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