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Thread: Mother's day gift

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    Mother's day gift

    My girlfriend had a daughter with another guy 12 yrs. ago before we was ever together. What would be a good mothers day gift to get her besides flowers? Keep in mind that I love to surprise her with gifts.

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    how about a "mother's ring" with her and her daughter's birthstones in it. I'm sure she would love to have something special that symbolized her and her daughter together and Mother's rings are particularly beautiful for that. I like shopping Kay Jeweler's. Their service plans and warrantys are wonderful if you ever have problems(I scratched my birthstone ring at work & they replaced the stone no charge) They always have nice mother's rings and good sales 'bout this time....
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    What a bonding experience to ask her 12yr old daughter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer
    What a bonding experience to ask her 12yr old daughter?
    Good suggestion.


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    Take the daughter on a shopping trip to a mall if you have one close. Yall can have an ice cream and get mom a gift.

    Mom might appreciate a manicure/pedicure/spa....just an idea.
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