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Thread: Please Help : Skin BOND

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    Please Help : Skin BOND

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to skin bond.

    I cant believe there not making it anymore !

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    I bought some of this: But my skin bond supply has not run out yet and I have been too nervous to give it a try. There have been several posts on this general issue, but so far no one has reported back a verified alternative. I said I would report back once I gave this a try, but that experiment has not occurred yet.


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    i've been useing torbot for a few months now and its not as good as smith and nephew, catherter needs to be changed every morning.
    I used to be able to change my catherter every other day with s&n but i would not chance it with torbot.
    i did find another company,
    and their price is cheaper too. lucky for me their only 15 miles away from my home. i'm still in the process as to if medicare will be paying for the torbot.
    my supplier said medicare will not be paying for it because its generic, sounds like bs. anyway i think i'll call perna-type and ask them if i can stop by and buy a can.

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    They still make it

    They also make a New latex free version, just search for suppliers on Google
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    From Smith&Nephew May 7

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    There are no plans at this time to make the Skin Bond® with latex.
    However, I can provide you with names and toll-free numbers for other surgical cements/adhesives.
    Osto-Bond available through Montreal Ostomy and Home Care 800-613-2582Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement 800-545-4254Perma-Type Surgical Cement 800-243-4234NuHope Adhesive available through Edgepark Surgical 800-321-0591

    I hope you will find one of these will work for you.
    Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

    Melody Richards

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    Here's a web site where you can pick up 3 of the ones listed privously and a fouth called uro-bond. I still have 3 cans of mine so far.

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    Thanks for posting these sites.

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    I just discovered this distressing fact yesterday... I have been using Smith & Nephew's skin bond since September 1985, and never had any problems whatsoever.

    I appreciate the links to the sites that still sell the product, I just purchased enough to last me at least the next couple of years.

    I figure if I vacuum pack this supply it will (hopefully) last that long.

    A couple of years ago I was forced to switch from Theravac to Enemeez... thankfully that was actually an upgrade.

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    Are you sure you got the old "good" stuff, and not the garbage they were making at the end? If you did, please let us know where you got it.



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    I've been using the 'new stuff' successfully after reading the instructions. A brief time is required to let the glue set up before rolling the condom over it. I also use the foam tape for the first time in my life and find that really seals the deal.

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