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Thread: An Invitation to Sci-Step!

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    that sucks they may njot fix your hip.

    i actually live somewhat close to i'm not sure if i'll stay for a week trial or not but i still would like to go.

    does insurance cover therapy at SCI-Step?
    -C6 incomplete
    -injured January, 14th 2006 in roll-over

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    Due to the number of you that have inquired about the free trial week, I wanted to post an update. Yes, we are still offering the free trial week in our program as well as accessible housing. This will be an ongoing thing and something we take pride in offering as part of our program.

    Right now there are several weeks left this spring and a number of them in the summer. We recently added two more housing units which brings the total to 7. This allows us to open the offer to even more individuals interested in a trial week.

    Already been here? Let me know if you want to come back for a refresher...I am sure we can work something out to keep you focused on your goals.


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