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Thread: PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!Please respond ASAP

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    Amber 16 - if you do not have the PVA publication noted by KLD, I would urge you to get it. It is a handy reference with guidance for troubleshooting a variety of problems, discusses foods, suppositories, technique, etc. The important rule with bowel program problems is to remember that you make only one change at a time in the routine. CRF

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    Rae, I would also recommend that you write a letter about your recent bad hospital experience and send a copy of it to both the CEO of the hospital, to the medical director, and to the director of nurses. Be as specific as possible, and include names, dates, etc. if possible. Ask that they invesitgate this poor quality of care received by your fiance.


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    Where would i get a copy of PVA publication ? Is it a book? Just let me knwo where to get one and i'll purchase one ASAP..He's still having little problems --he's got an appointment with a gastro doctor on Tues 28th--i hope nothing is wrong or something that can't be taken care of at home--we're getting married Saturday October 2nd...and with everything been going on i'm alreay a nervous wreck--hehe--but let me know where to get that publication--thanks

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    Rae, the nurse (KLD) gave the link to ordering the publication below ( Once you click on that link click on "PVA Store" then you have the option of getting the publication electronically (you download it right away) or having them mail it to you.

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    This link is a little more direct:

    Consortium clinical practice guidelines


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