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Thread: PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!Please respond ASAP

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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!Please respond ASAP

    My fiancee has been having problems pooping and he is impacted and backed up --has anyone had this problem and what did you do to take care of it.l Please respond ASAP--thanks ---the doctor called a minute ago to tell him that if he doesn't get anything out today then we'll have to pack up and go to the hospital--has anyone experienced this. This has been going on for about 3-4 weeks now. please respond asap---need answers

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    I cant think of any advice to help you myself other than if the impaction has become this serious maybe the Hospital isnt such bad idea.

    Try posting this in the care forum.It will likely get more helpful views there..Good luck.

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    Amber, I am copying this to the Care forum and locking it here. Please go to the Care forum for the answer. I am sorry but there is no general answer to your question. The cause of the constipation and impaction must be determined. There are many possible causes. A variety of methods can be used to relieve the constipation and remove the impacted feces but I am more concerned by the cause. I think that it is a good idea for your fiancee to go to the hospital and figure it out. Wise.

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    Try a hefty dose of milk of magnesia. You can get it at any grocery store.

    I'd heed Wise's advice & go see a doc. If it's been going on for almost a month, there's probably something that needs to be figured out.

    Is he drinking enough water? Does he eat fruit & vegetables @ all? What meds &/or supplements is he taking?

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    Link to impacted bowels discussion

    Same thing happened to me recently, I found the discussion linked above to be helpful. What I wound up doing was taking 2 tsp milk of mag every 2 hrs with lots and lots of water, all weekend. If you have doubt, get him to the ER. Gastric obstruction is really dangerous. Oh yeah, if he does the m of mag, tell him to protect his butt somehow...I used Bag Balm. That tender skin will be dripping blood otherwise.

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    Has he ever tried a enemma Amber? Worked for me a few times...

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    Enemas are messy, difficult to retain for most with SCI, and can cause AD. Careless enema use can also cause trauma to the bowel. I currently have a patient in the hospital with a rectal abscess caused by a traumatic enema, and I have seen this before.

    Strong laxatives from above are safer and more effective. It is critical that you rework the entire bowel program in order to prevent this from happening again. I strongly recommend getting the booklet "Neurogenic Bowel: What you need to know" from the Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine, which you can purchase for a small fee at the PVA Store at this URL:


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    I have been through 3 hospital visits due to bowel issues..didn't go.......sweat.sweat..didn't go..sweat sweat....dehydrated......didn't go....etc.

    Found the best gastro doc...although the x- rays said "Impaction" he said..let's try miralax..saved me from the knife!

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    SCI-Nurse,thanks for bringing that to my attention.It has been years since I have had an enema.I do have friends who have them regular though.,,

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    Sorry guys it's been awhile since i could get back to ya'll. Thank you so much for responding it's so nice to know I can come here and find out information.

    he's oding better but still nothing is coming down as in like it used to be he's still having to drink the miralax as prescribed from his doctor.
    He ended up going into the hospital the night i posted my question up --they gave him a soap and water enemia during the night the next day we had a very bad experience--noone came to see if that helped they did the bm once oh and during the night and day he had to drink some kind of white liquid gallon stuff can't remember the nema but anyways --we seen one nurse the whole day he was in ther and then around 5:00 that afternoon the doctor came in asked him if he had a BM and ricky told him yes and then he said well that's good you can go home.....didn't ask or touch him or check him-nothing--he didn't even know he was paralyzed--they didn't even clean him from the BP they did the early morning before the doctor comein--i was very very aggrevating----so the doctor told him again you can go home--they discharged him and he did the progam at home and it was horrible since then it's been very difficult and soft and it's worrying him also----he's taking the miralax still as told---any suggestions on what else can be done should we get another opinion---

    Thanks again guys

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