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Thread: Sure Grip Hand Controls = No Cruise Control?

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    Unbelievable. It amazes me that there are so many people working in the DME and mobility equipment industries that either have no clue or don't care what can happen if they don't do their jobs properly. The reason I do more wrenching on chairs than the vast majority of seating therapists is that I know that there is a good possibility that the DME providers we most commonly use will not get it right. Sometimes, it is because I have expertise as a therapist which gives me an understanding of how something needs to be set up. Too many times, however, it is because of incompetence or outright laziness on the part of the technician assigned to do the work.

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    I had hand controls installed on a Civic earlier this year. Initially when I got the car back the cruise control wouldn't work, the button just to turn on the cruise control (not the engage on the steering wheel) wouldn't light up. I'm not sure how they did yours but for mine they had to take off the plastic panel and cut a notch out under the steering wheel plastic. I knew the cruise worked prior to the install so I reached under and took off the plastic they cut and fumbled around. It was just a loose connection. I imagine when they put the plastic back on they just got it caught and pushed the connection out enough for it not to work, or unplugged it to work around the space.

    Your fuse shouldn't be tripped unless there were bare wires somewhere that caused a complete circuit to the car battery, but maybe they disconnected some in order to do the work (get their hands or a screwdriver in a tight space)...?

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