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Thread: My exciting day.....

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    My exciting day.....

    in the ER...

    Well I have just arived home after spending May Day in the ER. My Neurologest did it again and I ran out of my Morphine. My Rx was due to be refilled today and I took my last pills last night. By 2 this afternoon I had a heart rate of 124 and was in searing pain so off to the ER I was sent.

    A shot of Toridol, Morphine, enough pill to get me through till my idiot doctor get my Rx dropped off, and they managed to get my heart rate down to 111.

    I told them I was sick of hangin around there and just wanted to go home and take it easy. I do have a history of Super Ventricular Tacicardia so I know how to take care of it, and I hate hospitals and they can't force me to stay, so they set me free.

    I'm home now and plastered out on the bed drugged up and flyin high.Just wanted to let you know the ass did it again.

    My primary doctor (she's really kewl) came up. She said was going to find me another SCI doctor that wasnt going to put me in this situation anymore and would give me a call tomarrow. She wasn't really fond of having one of her pt's keeling over on her.
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    Sounds like a crazy day, hope tommorows better for ya.

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    Sorry that happened to ya.Hope you can relax and doesn't happen again.Enjoy the ride for now.
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    Oh man, sounds like a crappy day. HOpefully the rest of the week will be perfect to compensate!

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    Tell your landlord that the lack of a ramp almost caused a heart attack!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru
    Tell your landlord that the lack of a ramp almost caused a heart attack!

    If you've ever gotten sores or had to visit a doctor because of having to crawl up those steps, you could actually legitimately charge him for the cost of visiting the doctor, since it's because of him you had to do it.

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