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Thread: legs straight at night...

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    legs straight at night...

    Any ideas on keeping my husbands legs straight at night? Also, what about trying to give him better posture?? All ideas are welcome! Thanks!

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    You might try a search on 'proning'; here's one to get you started:

    Re your posture question, you need to be more specific - do you mean his posture in a chair? Slumping? Going to one side? What sort of seating system does he use?

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    I use a "posey", basically I tie his legs to either side of the bed to stop them from frogging out or bending up. We have a hospital style bed and there are rails on the top and bottom, left and right. So I tie the posey to the bottom ones - sometimes just one as its mainly his left leg that bends, twitches, kicks and frogs. The "posey" (not sure where that name is from, its what Chad calls it) is just a fabric strip with alot of padding in the middle section, which is the part you put up against the skin itself.
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    Posey is a company that makes restraints for use in clinical settings. I am sure there is a website.


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    For some people, using a rolled up towel or a tubular pillow against the side of the thigh helps to prevent external rotation, (that frog leg look). Active legs might work so well with that though. For people with poor trunk control, some people have success with an abdominal binder or a simple harness. I think solutions seem to vary person to person.

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    Several years ago my legs started doing that all the time. The only way I could sleep was in the fetal position. That was what finally made me decide to get a baclofen pump. No regrets, more comfort and can lay perfectly straight now which is a wonderful feeling after sitting all day.

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