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Thread: Taken advantage of....

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    Taken advantage of....

    GOD DAMN, I hate to post a negative thread because they annoy the shit out of me, but here I go. I dont have a vehicle yet and I cant transfer by myself so I rely on my family to get around. So yesterday the weather was so nice I decided to visit my dad a 1/2 hour away and offered my little brother 10 bucks, well I let him use my debit card at the gas pump and he used 20. He did it because he knew there was nothing I could do about it. Anyways, I get to my dads and the next day when its time to come home he say's, "well, how you gettin home?" He's fully capable to help transfer and drive me home but he's lazy and wants money.50 bucks!!!I told him to eat shit, called my mom(which is the only person not tryin to burn me for cash) to pick me up.
    thank god for her, she did, but after this lovely weekend(weather wise) im disgusted with my brother and dad and I truly feel like they're takin advantage of me. Anyways.........needed to vent, thanks.

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    Dang that stinks. Why'd you go visit your dad if he was gonna do that?

    or to be the bad guy gas is so freaking high it might have taken 20 to get you there. If it goes much higher I'll be sitting home for sure.
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    If that were my Dad, I'd buy him $50 of gas and dowse his house with it and torch it!

    Probably not what you wanted to hear,
    maybe I'm looking for an excuse to slug my old man...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cljanney
    If that were my Dad, I'd buy him $50 of gas and dowse his house with it and torch it!

    Probably not what you wanted to hear,
    maybe I'm looking for an excuse to slug my old man...
    Not bad. I think we've all felt like that at one time or another. Either taken advantage of or neglected. Sometimes both at the same time. I would tell my dad if he wants to see me that he has to come to mom's and/or pick me up. And the next time your AB brother wants something, tell him to eat shit and don't forget to get your $10 back. You have to "stand up" for yourself and if it means being an angry cripple to get the point across, take advantage of that. It may be the only thing you have, but don't be afraid to throw the criple card out. Ways to get your $10 back. Next time little bro wants to go somewhere, park your ass right behind his car until he caves. All you have is time. He won't run you over, will he? Eh.. even if he does, it would be a felony charge of manslaughter of something. It's one step up from dircting your care, it's called directing your life. Good luck with all of this.

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    I can maybe understand a dumb younger brother trying to scam $10. But your father has me stunned. Sorry you're having to deal with such a crappy situation.

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    Sometimes complete strangers are better than family. hope things get better for you.

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    Yeah, little bros are that way, I r one. That was really a POS thing for your dad to do. I think it would be a while before I graced him with my presence, if I were you. What in the heck was he THINKING?!
    Thank God your mother is who she is, I'd be focusing my attention on her from now on. I hope you can soon get your own transportation.
    Keep working on building strenth and ability to transfer. Being able to come and go as you please was the MOST mood elevating thing for me. Just KNOWING my truck is outside, makes those boring days more bearable, even if I don't go anywhere.

    I often just go and drive or find a place to park in the mountains or by the lake. I don't have ol Smokie, our weimereiner anymore, he went everywhere with me. I'd take him and let him run and explore. I'd watch, he was my 'legs' to do my wandering for me. Suprising how comforting that was.

    You still have a beautiful son. Remember that when crap like this happens. Great pic of you two in your profile. He oughtta make your chest swell with pride!

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    Jeeez. You have good role models for "Parenting Do's and Don'ts".

    Did we read that right? Your DAD tried to hold you up for $50?

    Tell your little bro what I tell my kid. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Someday soon, probably within 24 hours, you're gonna want something from me. If you go forward with this, you're not gonna get it..." It usually makes the 17-year-old think twice.

    Don't let them rob you. Your resources are harder to replace than theirs, they can always get a job digging ditches or something. When they try to hold you up, tell them to kiss your butt and spend the day lifting weights or whatever that gets you that much closer to not needing them. That's my advice.

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    That’s too bad. My old man is helping me quite a lot. Like the other day he came over and said, “hey, I think we need to give your house a new paint this summer”, I replied, yes we could do so, but I can hire some to paint the most difficult parts of it so you don’t have to wear you out, he said bs, I would like to do it, I need to have something to do these retiring days. I said, Ok, fine then. He then just mumbled something about it was supposed to be the other way around when he walked away, that I was supposed to take care of him when he was old, while laughing

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