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Thread: Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act

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    Hey Sue,

    being the girl in the know. Can you post the email addies of the health aides of the top people/legislators?

    please post in imhopeful's's getting steamy there.

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    Bioterrorism Research

    Thanks for the NIH Funding information re: SCI as it compares to other diseases. Does anyone know of a source of information for the amount of money spent on Bioterrorism Research?

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    P.J. - Look on the NIH estimates sheet under Biodefense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan M
    Here you go, Chaz:

    "In 1997, NIH funded approximately $64 million of SCI research. This increased to about $89 million in 2003. However, by 2006, funding for SCI research decreased to $66 million, and is estimated to decrease further to $64million for the fiscal year 2008."

    bea-u-tiful. Thanks Susan.

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    ...opps repost
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    do you have been to have more up to date facts on the cost of SCI per year? I found this but it isn't to current.

    " * SCI costs the nation more than $9.73 billion per year.
    * Each newly injured person with SCI incurs total first year costs that average $2.367 billion.
    * Annual SCI-related medical care costs average $1.624 billion per year.
    * Medications and supplies cost $449 million annually for those beyond their first year post-injury.
    * The average cost of personal assistance is estimated to be $2.068 billion for those who are beyond the first year post-injury. "

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    CDRPA Passes House Committee

    The Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Act (CDRPA) passed unanimously in the US House Energy & Commerce Committee moments ago. The only debate was if the $$'s currently attached to the bill ($25 million) was enough. This will be addressed at a later date.

    Now--onto the full House and Senate for consideration. Note: the Senate version (identical to House version) passed out of committee in late July. The bill will now be placed in the queue for scheduling.

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    CDRPA Scheduled for House Vote on 10/15/08

    The Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Act (CDRPA) is on the schedule for the consideration of passage in the US House of Representatives on Monday, October 15, 2008, between 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm EST. It's looking good!!

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    They're debating now!
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