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I stumbled upon this site and decided to join. Please excuse my ignorance, but I saw Tammy Baldwins name on this list, and I am wondering what exactly it is for. My son is a 12 year old T12 SCI patient due to a MVA last year. It is a whole new world, and very lonely for both of us at times, so I am searching for help, fellowship, and support. Would soemone call or email me? karmitage37@yahoo.com
Tammy Baldwin is the sponsor of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, legislation that would expand paralysis research and establish programs for improving rehabilitation, care and quality of life for people wiht SCI. If she's your representative you are fortunate to be represented by someone who has been a leader in efforts to help your son.

I know the feelings of loneliness and despair you feel at times. I had many days like that in the weeks and months after my mothers accident. I would venture to say everyone on this board has. I can tell you that it gets easier and it won't always be this way. This board is a good place for advice, support and fellowship.