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Thread: A question for the computer builders

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    Question A question for the computer builders


    I have read a lots of posts by Andy and others that build their own computers. I am not that smart/good enough to do that

    I now have a several year old Dell XPS P3, with Win2K.

    Everything you can buy from Dell or anyone else comes with Vista
    I know it's the latest and greatest..... but I also know it has lots of bugs
    that will need to be figured out

    I found a company that will build you pretty much whatever you want,
    and even with XP Pro if you want Velocitymicro

    What do you guys and gals think of them??


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    dell still sells win XP boxes

    making your own isn't as hard as you think.

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    I think I saw some reviews on that company's machines on places like anandtec and tom's hardware. So I guess they arent a hole in the wall. But there really isnt much to building a machine, it's basically pour parts into a case and let 'er rip. On the higher end of things you can save some good $$ DIY'ing it and you get to know your machine and have the satifaction of a job well done. The hardest part is deciding which parts to get. Check out [H]ard Forums or Xtreemsystems forums for some good message board edumucation on computers, I did, you can too.

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    I find it interesting that you can still purchase a computer from Dell with Windows XP. CEO Michael Dell uses Ubuntu on his personal machine. I think building your own computer is a great learning experience!

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    Jon 0,

    Are you sure Dell still sells computers with XP Pro?
    I just looked at the Dimension and XPS line, but I only see Vista?

    They did have some in the outlet store, but they were not really what I was looking for

    Andy, PN,

    I have built a computer several years a go, A Fast for it's day P1 100MHz
    with 32meg of memory and a 4meg video card But untill I get that Full Body transplant I'm waiting on, I'm not sure I'm up to the task


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    Hi Andy,

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy
    But there really isnt much to building a machine, it's basically pour parts into a case and let 'er rip.
    Yeah, I hear ya. I finally got mine completed and have some pictures that I'll post!! Woot woot. Well I think I have some pics... they show up in the LCD viewer of the camera. Oh, it's a Digitrex DSC 2100.... nothin' fancy but it seems to work well. It's my first experience with a digital camera and I didn't have a manual to go by. There's not even one on the Internet, that's strange. But anyway, the new homebuilt computer is now setting here in my living room, double boxed and packed full of bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts waiting to be shipped tomorrow. I'll take a picture of the poor guy or gal who has to lug the box out to the truck.

    Damn, it's expensive to ship from FL to HI. For the cheapest "Ground" Service, UPS charges $240, FedEx $141 and USPS $127. I'll be going with FedEx I guess. The box weighs 45 pounds and is 18 x 24 x 30 ... it's the box my XFuel came in. Big.

    I thought everything was complete this morning as I did my final check but found that I was missing a "System Interrupt Controller" in the Device Manager. It was there before! So I do a Google since I didn't know if it was a MS or MB driver. An hour later I found a partial answer and put the MB disk in and it found and installed it. So I once again thought the machine was perfect and ready to pack and ship.

    Then I remembered that my cousin only has stereo speakers and I had the Creative Audigy 2 Platinum set for my 5.1s. So I go into the speaker management utility and there's only one setting for 4.0/4.1s! The damn 70MB Creative update screwed up my software. So I had to uninstall that for the 3rd time (I practiced on my other HD first and had problems with the update but thought I had them ironed out... NOT) so another hour or more wasted on uninstalling three different entries in the Control Panel with disk cleanup, restore point added, defrag, deleting the folder, cleaning up the registry on and on.... and then reinstalling the drivers and utilities from the original CD disk. So I finally thought I was done again and put all the connectors back onto my computer (power cord, LAN, VGA cord, keyboard, mouse and speakers) and realized that I hadn't done a temperature test with the case closed.... it's been open all week long. So I had to run a Prime95 again but with the case closed for an hour and it passed without any glitches. It seems to run a bit hot but I think it may be the sensors. The ambient temp here was 80F and the CPU temp was hovering around 47C at idle but the threshold for the Williamette P4_2.6GHz is 63C so it should be fine.

    The hardware "board slappin' is the easy part. And the partitioning, formatting and clean installing the OS not so bad. But adding all the freakin' programs that you need is very time consuming. I downloaded and installed the latest GeForce Driver Suite, ZoneAlarm, AVG7.0, WinZip, WinRar, Ad-Aware, Flash, Adobe Reader, .NET Framework, Paint.NET, RegCleaner, EndItAll2, Mailwasher and all the other important small but necessary programs a computer needs. It's time consuming as hell. Plus importing 10GBs of mp3s and some videos and of course installing some games.... Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Combat Flight Simulator 3.0 and the list still goes on and on. And setting up email and newsgroup accounts and setting up a joystick and tweaking everything. It's a lot of "work".

    And that's on top of creating a bootable ISO of XP Pro without the WGA crap on it plus SP-2 with the latest Critical Updates integrated into it. That took a full day by itself!

    To say "it's basically pour parts into a case and let 'er rip" is a bit of an understatement to say the least! And I didn't burn out any parts either.

    I'm so freakin' "computered out" that I don't want to screw around with another computer for at least a few days. Okay, a couple, I'm a masochist.

    And then my computer went on the fritz. After a day of tearing it down and troubleshooting it I finally removed 2 - 512MB Patriot memory modules and got it back up and running again. I first feared that my processor failed. I'm gonna put 'em back in and give it another try but the error beeps will probably eminate throughout the air again... different order this time but I think they're shot or at least one of them is. It's an error that won't even let ya into the BIOS. So I had to do a battery pull and jumper switch but that didn't help. It's a dual channel kit (2 x 512MBs) so I'll have to RMA both back. I still have a GB system memory in so I'll be alright until they get replaced.

    I don't know how many hours I put into building/setting up this quite simple computer but it must be over a 100.... maybe 150... I don't even know. And I only encountered a few easily fixable problems.... no RMA'ing and arguing over the phone etc.

    Anyway, as soon as the CompactFlash reader gets here I'll post the pics. Especially the one of the poor guy or gal gettin' this damn thing on its way to Hawaii! Good riddance.

    But I should add, the thing runs like a clock. It's lean, clean and fairly mean for the money spent. I really like it. Now for a pair of those 8800GTS' for my poor ol' torn apart XFuel. Even the soundcard is out of it now.... I'll stick that back in tomorrow after I get a good drunk going so I can crank up Lucinda Williams and maybe some Neil Young and relax outback with a cold Sammy Adams for awhile. I've been running on strong coffee for the past week and I'm wired.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy
    But there really isnt much to building a machine, it's basically pour parts into a case and let 'er rip.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    hey still have a few dual core dimensions with xp home but not pro for pretty cheap.

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    Try They have ready builts or you can build your on over phone/email. Or just buy the parts. Then get it with/without an OS. Used them for years. Great folks.

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    Or go to a local shop, they can build whatever you want.

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    If you build your PC or you buy one, you will still have to decide whether to purchase AMD or Intel. I like the Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 MB L2 cache. OTOH, AMD recently reported a net loss of $611 million. We can't afford to have AMD go out of business, so you may want to consider Athlon X2 Dual Core 3600+. AnandTech has good reviews for motherboards. I saw a Dell computer today with Windows XP Pro, but most seem to have XP Home if you do not want Vista.

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