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Thread: Work and Life...

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    For what it's worth ... I've felt the same for years. I'm working for a pension that David might see, but I won't.

    The problem is that I love my job and I won't leave it.

    The cost is a life less enjoyed with friends, family.

    On the other side, if I didn't have the job, I wouldn't have the long term disability out (when/if I need it), nor the great benefits, etc.

    I definately enjoy that vacation time!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcripeq
    Somedays I just wonder what I am working for. I have a very demanding job that draws nearly all of my energy. The pay is very good. That I am thankful for but at what cost? Of course I understand that living my entire adult life as a quad will ultimately lead to an early demise. I wont live until 80, I know that. Am I taking additional years off my life by working so hard? Do any of you ever feel this way?

    I could be taking much better care of myself. Getting better rest. Doing more things

    Or is it just that my shoulder hurts and I have a bad cold...
    Bill, your in a very seldom position being a quad and a high income earner. If your already financially secure, my opinion would be to change careers and ground your own neuro-rehab/fitness facility in the town where you live. You yourself won´t be able to do the rehab work per se, but your business experience, your knowledge about SCI, your knowledge about what excercise and gait training equipment can do to, and your financial strength , are the ingredients for a successful managership of such a facility. We all know how seldom such facilities are, and not only does it offer a challenge, but you can personaly benefit yourself by the increased training and therapy and it also is great for the local community. You not only do something for yourself, you give the opportunity to others to extend their own lives as well. It´s what my wife and I are doing over here in Bavaria. You may not earn as much as in the aviation field, but the rewards are there. And you wouldn´t have to kill yourself may even extend your own lifespan as well.
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    Hi guys, thanks. Thankfully, I have been able to make myself financially secure from only having $10 after my injury. When we sold the company in 05, I did "retire" for almost a year. By retire I worked constantly as a consultant and on my house and property. But the company was having problems and the new owner asked me back. Now he has invested over 30m into it and all of the people who helped build the company initially are back and alot of these people are my friends. I am trying to hire top level management but its not easy in such a specialized field. So I have the feeling of being stuck, responsible, people counting on me more than ever. Having recently hurt my shoulder is realy making me think about the consequences of my / our disability more than ever...

    Sometimes I wonder if its like the addict that cant prevent himself from taking another hit. Its not about the money anymore.

    I do have plans and am very slowly working towards them. A disabled ski program and summer camp / adventure camp in no Idaho and NW Montana. But for now, I am here socal.

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    I feel a little stupid even complaining about my problems knowing that many of you have real problems. I do realize that I have been incredibly lucky.

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    Moving to Work forum

    Great topic and a lot of thought provoking questions and insights. I am moving this to the Work forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcripeq
    I feel a little stupid even complaining about my problems knowing that many of you have real problems. I do realize that I have been incredibly lucky.
    Don't feel stupid, sounds like you earned it the hard way buddy. Enjoy your success, and give to others less fortunate what you can.

    good luck in whatever you decide
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcripeq
    I feel a little stupid even complaining about my problems knowing that many of you have real problems. I do realize that I have been incredibly lucky.
    The fact that you recognize your good fortune is a positive sign. Putting your problems into perspective is a good thing, too, but even the most fortunate of us have our problems and we are all entitled to express our personal frustrations and pain on occasion.


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    Don't Hide Success

    Unfortunately there are people who dislike another's sucesses. Perhap's it's envy, maybe they made poor choices, but it happens. Success in business or carreer is not a matter of pure luck. There's a saying, "The harder I work, the luckier I get." I was able to retire at age 55 and never looked back. I enjoy volunteering and my hobies. I stay as busy as I want, and this pleases my wife, as we both value our apart times as much as our togehter times. As another poster said, it's a matter of balance.

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    BC, that shoulder injury is the catalyst for a lot of your thoughts. Every cloud has a silver lining. You may feel different when you get that pain squared away, but don't lose the insight. There's much more to life than a job, no matter how rewarding.

    Hope you heal soon. Shoulder pain sucks when you walk with your arms.

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