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Thread: Quickie Revolution chair

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    Cool Quickie Revolution chair

    My grandparents recently gave me the money to buy a Quickie Revolution wheelchair from to use as a backup wheelchair (while we are waiting for Medicaid to pay for a main wheelchair).

    Has anyone used this wheelchair before and have comments about it? The reason I chose this one is because it folds up tightly and will fit in a small car or RV according to the manufacturer. Is it easy to fold/unfold? Are the parts easy to adjust on it? Also, is there a way to make the wheels stick out more without having to get more camber, like if I don't want the wheels rubbing against the sideguards?


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    Folding Tank...

    I've tried the Revolution (2003) very briefly as a test chair, about a day. We were taking a plane to SF and I was looking for a new chair anyway. It did fold fairly easy, but was very heavy. The first step I bounced down jarred places on me I didn't think I could feel, of course I was used to the Xtr with the suspension. Anyway, I don't remember if the back wheels would adjust like the ones on my other Quickies or not. If you go to the Spinlife website, I believe they have a section for current users to give pros/cons.
    You can also ask the vendor where you will be buying the Revolution to try one out first. That way, you can get first hand knowledge w/o paying the $ out first.
    Hope this helps.

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    do NOT buy or sign ANYTHING w/o demo'ing ANY chair first hand
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    I agreed about the heaviness - definately. I'm fairly strong but it was front heavy to try and lift to remove the wheels and then fold down the back. Perhaps it was because I wasn't used to it or because it was a new demo - but it was hellish trying to fold down that back.

    What about the Quickie GTX? I'd really like to demo that one ... rigid and folder in one!

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    I have never tried a revolution but I am guessing that you can get a much higher quality chair for not much more money. Keep looking around, check out too

    An Invacare Top End Crossfire or Quickie GT or TiLite(whatever their aluminum version is) are worth considering. Also look at the TiLite Evo. Its a bit of a boxier frame but its a really low cost Ti chair...and like others have said, test them out first.

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    Just got a Crossfire and it kicks ass. Very light.

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    i dispise anything quickie rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    I have a revolution. In fact, I have two. I probably wont be buying another, but it works really well, if you're willing to spend some time on it at first. Like loosen the joints up just enough that it actually folds up easily instead of having to jump up and down on it like it was when I got it new.

    It is a bit heavy compared to some of the titanium chairs and what not, but my currenly 18x18 revolution weighs right around 23-25 pounds. (26" wheels, 2" cushion, 4" rollerblade style casters, extra long forks and stuff for the casters (I like being taller) and the stupid heavy knobby tires I'm going to be replacing soon with something better and lighter, so I'll loose a couple of pounds on the tires alone)

    But despite it's heaviness it's still a really nice chair. It's rigid, but it folds up really compact. It doesn't have a huge amount of adjustableness, but it is fairly adjustable if you know what you're doing. I advise getting an extra camber tube so you can have 0 degrees and whatever other angle you want as well.

    Also, note that there's something like a 10 pound difference in the 20" revolution and the 18" revolution.

    You should probably go over the revolution with your DME to make sure of what to order if you go with it, though. I got mine because I needed rigid and foldablity, although in retrospect, I would have done soem things different for my first one. (Gotten camber, narrower, and selected some of the options for lighter parts)

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    Holy duplicate posts batman!


    edit: nevermind... it looks like the extra 5 posts vanished.

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    Way to heavy compared to other chairs. It may not seem like much, but over time it will add to shoulder wear.

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