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Thread: What an idiot, he just lost his best client.

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    What an idiot, he just lost his best client.

    Rant Time:

    So I pay this caregiver $10 an hour to do small things around the house. Literally, he does just about nothing except drive me around to meet up with people for lunch, go to the bank, grab food, install my shower bench, clear out caths, etc.

    The agency that I got him from, pays him $8 an hour. I decided to give the guy a break, and not have to deal with the agency while at the same time giving him an opportunity to make a little more money, while doing hardly anything.

    So today this mofo gets here at 2:15 (I asked him to be here at 1pm, but understood if he were late)

    He gets here, im already ready, so I hop in the car we run some errands. we finish at about 5:20. However, I forgot something, and had him go grab it for me at some store near by. he makes it back at around 5:45. So, this means I owe him $35 dollars. Why is it, this guy starts going off about how he got to my place at 2pm, and that I actually owe him $40 dollars???????

    Ok first off you muppet, you're even lucky I pay you extra for not doing jack shit (the caths werent even cleared out today). The agency pays you $8 an hour, and you have to deal with people that are by far less independent than I am. So not only do you have it easy, you are getting paid 2 dollars more than usual. and this is how you thank me? So, I gave him $40 dollars, and let him get away with it.

    Congrats! You just lost your best client, while someone else, more considerate will GLADLY replace you. Ive had caregivers wanting to work for me, and were even willing to take less money than the agency because im such an easy client to deal with. literally, you get to come with me to cool places, and chill out with me and my friends, and help me go grocery shopping. what more can you ask for? I gave him the job, while the other people quit the agency. So now, I cant even get a hold of the 2 caregivers that wanted to work with me.

    Im so pissed on how greedy people can be, esp when you're trying to help them. I could see if it were strict business, but seriously, this guy comes here finishes within the hour and lounges around. this one time, i decided to be punctual because my funds are flying out the window at an alarming rate, he decides to get weird. wtf.

    fuck it. im over it. if you know anyone in the los angeles area that would like a chill job, with hardly any all means, contact me. if not, ill go thru the agency and find another person that would take the offer with open arms.

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    If I had to be in your situation, I'd definately incorporate a sign-in book! Then you can mutually agree on the time when he/she gets there .. and when they leave .. two signatures - yours, theirs.
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    great idea actually!

    i just did a phone interview with an 18 year old girl. Sort of young, but I mean, hell, its not like Im asking her to cath me, or feed me. She'd literally be running small errands 2 times a week. cant get any easier than that.

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    We had the same problem with son's aide chronically coming in late and leaving early, and expecting to be paid his full 'clock time'. A sign in book wouldn't work, because he continually said his car clock was different than our house clock, lol. I finally bought a time clock so he had to punch in and out; solved the problem. You can get them at Office Depot, etc.

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    We don't know what we have until it's gone. Perhaps he'll learn a lesson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Français
    We don't know what we have until it's gone. Perhaps he'll learn a lesson.
    Unfortunately, most of them don't learn a lesson; they p and m about how unfair their employer was, and don't get that being prompt is a job requirement.

    PS - Love your avator and the Brightman quote!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalady
    PS - Love your avator and the Brightman quote!
    Merci, j'adore Sarah!

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    This does not offer a solution to your problem but I would just like to say that one of the worse things is having to depend on somebody else to do even minor things. Sooner or later, they take advantage because it’s not easy to find a replacement. Plus, there is no more privacy. In my case where my speech is unclear, they have to answer my phone calls too. I let them fax documents for me and help me with printing from the computer (meaning, they can read a part, if not all). They also open my mails for me and help me affix my thumbmark on certain documents. I learned to ingratiate and keep my cool many times. If I cannot take it anymore, I look for somebody else. This cycle will be repeated again for the newbie. So far, I haven’t found anyone well suited.

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    Just outta curiosity, you're a para, right? Are you working towards being more independent, like driving and doing personal care (i.e. cleaning caths)? That way you wouldn't have to rely on anyone else to do all your errands.

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    wow, i just read this after your rant in the hunting thread about 'weak quads' and seriously dude, i just lost any bit of respect there was to be had for a tool of your caliber. you really must have a ridiculously high opinion of yourself, imight. you let them chauffeur you around, let them shop for your groceries, let them clean your catheters, and if they're lucky you even let them chill with you and your boys... and after all that you can't figure out why someone wouldn't try harder to show up on time?

    kinda funny that you of all people, mr. asia c walking PARA, would have the balls to call a quad weak. if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, i don't know what is.

    all aboard, imight is the captain
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