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Thread: Jess has the flu...ab brother does too

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    Jess has the flu...ab brother does too

    Jess has the flu with a 102 temp, hot cold, clammy, coughing, etc.
    Bert has/had the flu , I mean he has had it for 4 days but still sick. Bert worked through the flu and Jess is flat on his back. I am afraid Bert will think Jess should get up and work through it like he had to. First, is it right for Jess to stay in bed and on the otherhand, expect Bert to work? What can I say to Bert to help him understand there is a difference between when he gets sick and when Jess gets sick? Or tell me, is there a difference?

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    the flu will affect everyone differently regardless of wether ab or sci.
    If Jess is sick enough to have to be in bed, then that's where he should stay and his bro should respect that they're different...BUT I know how guys can be...Maybe Bert wouldn't still be sick if he'd spent a day or so in bed though...As far as being able to say something specific to him, IDK...

    I hope everyone in your family gets better soon & that you don't get the flu in the process!
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    Steve and I are just recovering, took me a full 6 days to even get up and cook supper!

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    First may I say after raising 4 children its been my experience that sibling rivalry has no age restrictions in either sickness or health .. in this case if Bert feels Jesse should just suck it up and get with the program maybe that's a good thing because it means he doesn't even see his disability any more ... and that is kind of a good thing too ... isn't it? And naturally age is a factor here too!

    But of course realistically we both know and I'm sure so does Bert that it is different because Jesse's system is compromised to begin with (I'm thinking of the lung issue alone here ) .... my guess is if Bert is showing any signs of anger that his brother is receiving special treatment its probably got more to do with the fact that its because just when he's gotten comfortable with his brother's injury and getting on with life .... bam... once again he's being reminded that yes his brother is sci and yes life is different now and that once again he needs to take a back seat for the sake of his brother ..... sounds pretty normal to me ....
    I've often wondered about the emotional impact on brothers and sisters of sci kids .... its hard enough on us as adults but what about them .... does he ever talk to you about that??
    I hope Jess feels better soon, try not to worry (yeah .. right) ... I just read somewhere fever is the body's natural response to fighting a bug and its actually a good thing .. it just needs to be managed ... I guess keeping the head of his bed elevated is a given,plenty of fluids ... yada yada what am I talking you know what to do ..... and as always take care of you .. too .....

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