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Thread: HP184 trial What happened?

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    Question HP184 trial What happened?

    Hi, I'm new to the site. I live in Australia. Last year I was one of 240 world- wide spinal cord injured people undergoing stage 2 of the drug HP 184. I am a C5/6 quad, 6 years post injury, motor complete. I hd a fantastic response to the drug with increasing significant motor and sensation improvements. Aventis decided to run stage 3 in America and was recruiting there late last year. Since then nothing. Does anyone know if this drug is progressing to stage 3 trials or has it been shelved. Aventis will not answer my emails on the subject and the researchers who ran the stage 2 trial here are also unable to find out anything from them. Apparently by law the drug company must reveal if there were any adverse side effects and this has not happened. So there is a drug out there which can help some people as a treatment, (all improvements disappear within 3 days of stopping the drug) and which seems to have been dropped by Aventis for some reason, I suspect commercial. Anyone know anything...
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    Hi Norm,

    Dogger participated in that trial. Below are a couple of updates from him. Seems the trial has been suspended.

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